The Importance of Toning Your Skin

Incorporating toner into your daily skincare routine is an important step in helping your skin look and feel it’s best. Just as important is knowing what a toner is versus what it is not. This will help you make an informed decision on which toner is right for you.

To select a toner, take note of the ones which have ingredients targeted for improving the health of skin. The basic active ingredient in toner is witch hazel, a plant extract with antiseptic properties. These properties help balance the pH and calm the skin. Toner is not an astringent which contains alcohol. Astringents can disrupt the natural pH balance of the skin causing dryness and inflammation.

There are some bonus ingredients found in toner that can fight oxidation of the skin, helping to reduce brown spots and dark pores. Citric acid; another main ingredient found in toner works as an anti-oxidant which helps soften the pores, soften the skin and fight environmental free radicals. Lemongrass Spa Products keeps skincare simple by offering the perfect toner products for your specific skincare needs.

Clarifying Facial Mist contains tea tree, grapefruit, lemongrass and orange essential oils; all ingredients recommended for oily skin. Hydrating Facial Mist contains jojoba, vitamin E, rose geranium and jasmine essential oils which are beneficial for all skin types, and the Rose Water Facial Mist, which contains aloe vera, arginine, coconut water and chamomile, helps soothe and calm skin. Prebiotic Facial Mist works a little differently than the three previously mentioned toners due to its unique prebiotic features, but it helps balance and calm skin due to the kelp extract, lecithin, aloe vera and plant extracts.

Finding the right toner for your skin and applying daily is extremely beneficial due to toners natural ability to calm the skin, help keep it properly pH balanced and fight free radicals that can damage skin. Which toner have you found most beneficial for your skin?

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