Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Regardless of your skin type, the transition from winter to spring is important to understand as temperatures warm up and your exposure to sun increases. To look your best this season, you’ll also want to make some adjustments in how you treat your skin. Here are our top 4 suggestions!

Tone and Hydrate

To give skin the adequate moisturizer it deserves, preparing your skin to draw in the benefits of your skincare products is key. After cleansing, be sure to balance the pH levels adequately with a hydrating toner. In the summer using aloe-infused skincare is very helpful after exposure to the sun. Rose Water Facial Mist combines cooling aloe with refreshing coconut water to hydrate and soften. If you’re prone to redness or sunburn, your first line of defense is to apply the Prebiotic Facial Mist to restore skin’s good bacteria so that it will heal itself quickly and regenerate new skin cells. Used twice daily, the Rose Water Mist or Prebiotic will cool you down and quench dryness.


Soak up a Serum

Modify your routine with a serum filled with antioxidants to keep your skin bright and smooth. Look for ingredients like Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and peptides because they are active worker-bees for the skin.

Our Vitamin C Serum utilizes orange stem cells that are effective in slowing down the aging process of skin. Hyaluronic Acid and fortifying MSM revives your complexion, rebuilds elasticity, retains hydration and promotes healthy collagen production. Applying a few drops per day after cleansing and toning will add to your skin’s natural hydration and offer you excellent wrinkle-reducing results. Now who wouldn’t love that?

Fend off sun spots by using a preventative lightening serum. Even out your skin tone and hydrate at the same time by incorporating Lemongrass Spa’s Lightening Serum before your moisturizer. There are a lot of products on the market that claim they can lighten and brighten but when you read some of the ingredients and how they are using harmful chemicals to get results, it is a little scary!  The safe and gentle formula battles hyperpigmentation and age spots with a highly effective combination of hyaluronic acid and plant-derived lighteners, including a strawberry begonia plant extract. With twice daily use, this serum can reduce discoloration, brighten skin tone, encourage a youthful glow and improve texture within 30 to 60 days of consistent use.

While the antioxidants in either one of the serums will protect the skin from free radical damage and environmental toxins, you need to protect it from UVA (Aging) Rays and UVB (Burning) Rays. With any skincare regimen, be sure to use natural sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 before heading outside and buy a cute hat to wear for long stints in the sunshine.

Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

As heat and humidity rise, the skin’s natural oil production increases as well. This means using lighter moisturizers will absorb better and won’t feel heavy on your skin.  After spending a day outdoors, be sure to cleanse well and then moisturize overnight with a coconut water infusion of emollients. The airy and lightweight Overnight Rehab Crème with Coconut Water has squalane to add extra hydration and evening primrose oil. Evening primrose is rich in essential fatty acids for anti aging and the added benefit of curbing acne breakouts.  Even though it’s labeled for ‘overnight use’, thousands of our customers reach for it every morning as their daytime moisturizer as well.

If you have normal to dry skin and you’d like the firming action of an overnight moisturizer, you’ll want active ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid to see results. The unbelievably smooth and silkyOvernight Ultra Lift Crème will help you wake up refreshed.  Just a tiny dab of the crème slides onto skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and pampered. Formulated especially for mature skin types, we’ve incorporated silk proteins and CoQ10 to transform your skin.  After regular use nightly, it can help refine and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and evens out your skin tone, while promoting elasticity and firmness. Now that’s a win-win!



Drink lots of water for less breakouts and perfectly hydrated skin.

How does your skincare routine change with the seasons? Let me know in the comments!

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