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We’re talking makeup matching, not dating, ladies! Choosing the correct makeup foundation or lipstick can be a little overwhelming when there are multitudes of options. Do you know if you are warm, cool or neutral? Don’t panic …  most people don’t know! Selecting the correct color of makeup and clothing can help you put your best and most vibrant face forward.

Choosing the wrong undertone for foundation can make your face look ashy or yellow rather than healthy and glowing. If you have pink (cool) undertones and you mistakenly choose a foundation with yellow (warm) undertones; being opposites on the color wheel, you aren’t going to be bringing out and enhancing the natural glow of your skin. Foundations are designed to blend with and smooth the color and appearance of your own skin.  If you look in the mirror and something doesn’t look quite right and you don’t have the healthy, vibrant look after applying your foundation, you may have chosen the wrong undertone.

To determine if you are warm cool or neutral, we need to first differentiate between “tone” and “undertone”.  The tone of your skin can change depending on the time of year it is. You may be a light in the winter and a tan in the summer.  Theundertone, however, is the color under the surface of the skin.  Think of it as backlighting behind the skin.  I may be a medium, but am I a Sand Medium (cool) or a Golden Medium (warm)? This all depends on the undertone. Surprisingly, the color of your eyes and hair are not necessarily determining factors in your undertone.

The 3 undertones are:

Cool:  pink, red or blue undertones

Warm: yellow or gold undertones

Neutral: a combination of both pink and yellow. Olive is also considered neutral or a combination of both cool and warm.

Here are a few ways to determine your tone!

What color are your veins?  If the veins on your wrist have a blue hue, you would more likely look better in something with a cool undertone. If they look greenish, a warm undertone would be more flattering. If you are unable to discern whether veins are blue or green, you are likely neutral.

Use the paper test.  Hold a sheet of white paper under your chin and look at your skin in natural lighting; your best bet is to go outside.  Stay away from fluorescent lighting, as it will add a green cast to your skin. Look at your skin in comparison to the white paper and determine whether it looks more pink or yellow against the white. It helps to have a second opinion so ask a friend to help you. Again, if it’s indiscernible, you are likely neutral.

Do you look better in gold or silver? If you put on a gold necklace or earrings and you look great in that color, you’re warm-toned. If silver jewelry looks best on you, then you’re likely cool-toned. Look equally good? Then you’re probably neutral.

How do tone and undertone translate into the Sheer Minerals line of Mineral Foundations and Liquid Foundation?

The Liquid Foundation has excellent coverage and is perfectly pigmented to complement a variety of skin tones while hydrating skin with a velvety-soft finish.

Buff, our lightest liquid foundation shade, has cool undertones.
Cashmere, a light to medium shade has cool to neutral undertones.
Fawn, is neutral and we’ve found it to be one of the most universally appealing shades on a variety of medium skinned customers.
Pecan is a medium to tan shade with warm undertones and looks great on some olive skin tones.
Maple is a neutral tan shade just a bit darker than Pecan.
Butterscotch is a tan to dark foundation with warm undertones.
Nutmeg is our darkest shade, compatible for warm and neutral undertones.

With the Sheer Minerals loose mineral collection of foundations, we’ve created nine complexion-enhancing shades for virtually even skin color. For example, in the Light category, we offer Cream Light which is cool and Oatmeal Light, which is warm. If you determine you are a neutral, mixing the two from your tone category may help you achieve the right undertone. Fortunately with the Customized Sheer Minerals Starter Kit, you can choose two foundation colors, plus a blush and a veil to complete your look.

For easy reference, below are the shade descriptions and undertones of our Sheer Minerals line of loose Mineral Foundations:

Cream Light – pink (cool)
Oatmeal Light – yellow (warm)

Sand Medium – pink (cool) and neutral
Golden Medium – yellow (warm)

Rose Tan – pink/red (cool)
Sunlight Tan – yellow/gold (warm)

Rose Deep – pink/red (cool)
Cocoa Deep – neutral

Chestnut Dark – yellow/gold (warm)

One of the best ways to determine if you are accentuating the positive is by utilizing natural light after allowing your makeup to sit on your skin for at least 5 minutes. Giving it time to warm up allows the minerals to adjust to your skin. Another tip that can guide you to choosing your perfect shade is the reaction you get when you post a selfie or with your friends when they tell you the color you’re wearing makes your eyes/face/smile pop! If what you are wearing is an earth tone (warm) or blue/pink/red toned (cool) it is likely enhancing and complimenting the undertone of your skin.

For additional guidance with our Sheer Minerals makeup collections, feel free to contact us at

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