Spoil your friends with a Galentine’s Themed Spa!

Red roses, a box of chocolates and a romantic candlelight dinner are all iconic Valentine’s Day traditions. This year why not try something outside the box and get your friends together for some spa time that’s fun and affordable! Here are five theme ideas to give you inspiration.

Red Party

Bring out all the red décor, heart-shaped bowls and red balloons to set the tone for your festive event. As your guests arrive, greet them at the door with a single red rose with a quote or verse tied with raffia or ribbon to the stem. Invite them to enjoy a hand spa at the kitchen sink with a display of Sugar Petals, Passion Punch and Grapefruit Bergamot Body Polishes and the Organic Nail Balm applied to their nails. Once they’ve experienced the hand spa, encourage them to sample Body Icings, the Healing Balms and handcrafted soaps displayed on red chargers on the dining room table or in the center of the living room on your coffee table.


Make and Take

Nothing’s more fun that letting your inner DIY go wild! Your friends will love learning how to make bath bombs, laundry detergent or their own essential oil rollerball vials. For the bath bombs and detergent, you’ll need to gather a few supplies in advance, such as baking soda, citric acid and shea butter as well as molds and mixing bowls. Your Lemongrass Spa consultant can prepare this ahead of time and provide the instructions for your guests. Imagine how excited they will be to take their own bath-time treat home to try in the tub or an essential oil rollerball they can carry with them to use on the go. Every time they go to use it, they will think back to the memories they made with you.


Foot Spa

Carving out a few minutes to dip your toes in a warm foot soak in winter time is a must! Invite your friends over to relax and enjoy some spa time. Dropping a few rose petals in their foot spa tub after allowing the Herbal Foot Soak to dissolve creates a luxurious experience for your friends. Then, moisten some washcloths, warm them up in a crock pot or in the microwave for a few seconds and encourage guests to apply to their face to remove makeup and impurities. Pass around the basic skincare set, including the Facial Mist, Serum and Face Crème for guests to enjoy. Their feet and faces will feel incredibly smooth, silky and soft!


Guys and Gals Spa

Believe it or not, most men appreciate soft, young-looking skin just like women do. To set the tone for the event, consider serving a combination of craft beers, soda-fountain beverages or assorted wines and light appetizers to appeal to both women and men. You can invite married couples or singles, depending on your friend groups! Arrange some of the men’s favorites, Clean Slate, Spearmint Eucalyptus and Men’s Essentials in wood crates, cedar or birch wood slabs to create a handsome display. For the ladies, arrange Sugar Petals, Lavender Vanilla, Tranquil Escape and other favorites on marble or metal cake stands, platters or colorful place mats. Challenge the guys to pick out something they think their gal would like and vice versa! The name of the game here is to get them chatting, sampling and having fun together.


Mineral Makeover

Regardless of your relationship status, the red-hot makeover party is the ideal excuse to deck out your face with gorgeous makeup—because why not? Whether your friends want to prep for a date night with their true love or you’re planning to eat chocolate and pizza with your roommate and watch Netflix, applying a smoldering eyeshadow and a bold lip can transform your evening! Allow us to add some definition to your makeup routine by contouring and highlighting, adding a few new pops of colors to your eyes, or tame those brows with the Brow Pomade, a makeup party won’t soon be forgotten! Everyone loves being tempted with a new lip shade and will leave your party selfie-ready.

Have you thrown a Galentine’s Party before? Comment with your best tips!

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