How To Use Your Makeup Brushes The Right Way

The secret to flawless makeup starts with using the correct brushes. Different types of makeup require their own unique brush shape, width and bristle length for proper application.  Sheer Minerals offers a variety of high-quality professional brushes for all your makeup needs. Our brushes are crafted with sustainable bamboo handles and cruelty free synthetic Taklon bristles.

Kabuki Brush

The most popular choice for Sheer Minerals fans! This travel-sized brush features dense, soft bristles to buff on mineral foundation or bronzer. Try the Kabuki Brush with your BB Crème to even out skin tone and fill in fine lines.

Foundation Brush

Apply Foundation starting at the center of your face and sweeping brush outward in a circular motion. Brush along jawline and neck for a seamless finish. The Foundation Brush works best with for Foundation, Veil or Blush application.

Foundation Concealing Brush

Use this brush to gently pat Cover Up or Concealing Stick over blemishes, dark circles and redness.

Blending Sponge

Create a full-coverage base with BB Crème and mineral Foundation dabbing the fat end of the Blending Sponge onto skin. Use the pointed end for applying blush and contouring; the pointed end also works well to apply Concealing Stick near inside corners of eyes. The Blending Sponge is latex-free.

Angled Blush Brush

Hold brush at an upward angle and glide along cheekbones, sweeping towards your temple, with blush to add a glow to skin. You can also swirl on apples (roundest part) of cheeks for a natural looking flush.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Transform any Sheer Minerals eye shadow into eyeliner by wetting brush and dipping into a tiny amount of color. Trace lash line from mid-eye to inner corner out to the outer corner.

Eye Shadow Brush

You can create no-makeup-makeup look or a glammed up fashion moment with the Eye Shadow Brush. Tap or sweep color on eyelids. Start with the lightest eye shadow color your using and blot brush on a tissue or towel between shadows to keep colors crisp.

Dual Brow Brush

Dip the flat brush into Brow Pomade and use short strokes to fill in eyebrows. Use the

spoolie to comb hair into place.

Lash Comb & Eyebrow Brush

Use the Lash Comb to separate eyelashes and remove excess mascara. Tame brows by sweeping Eyebrow Brush in an upward motion; use the brush before and after Brow Pomade for perfect brows every time.

Whether you’re a Sheer Minerals Makeup novice or expert, there’s a makeup brush set for you!

If you’re new to mineral makeup, the Essentials Brush Set includes a basic set of brushes to create a natural daytime and glowing date night   look. The set includes one of each Angled Eye Liner Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Foundation Brush and Angled Blush Brush in a drawstring storage bag.

A makeup artist’s best friend, the 8 Piece Brush Set comes with three exclusive makeup brushes. Define and color lips using the Lip Brush with Organic Crème Lipstick and Organic Lip Gloss. The Extra Long Powder Brush provides the largest surface area of any of the brushes and is perfect for applying Mineral Foundation. Use your Crease Brush to add definition to eyelids by adding a darker shade eye shadow, like the Suede, to your eyelid crease in a back and forth motion. The 8 Piece Brush Set also incudes one of each: Foundation Brush, Foundation Concealing Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Crease Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush and Lash Combo & Eyebrow Brush packed in a hemp and cotton roll and tie pouch.

For the Lemongrass Spa lady-on-the-go, the Black Satin Make-Up Bag & 5 Brushes is the set for you. The satin bag features holders for four brushes with a protective flap to keep them clean, a removable extra deep makeup bag, two carry handles that double as a hanger loop and a large zippered mesh storage compartment. Brushes include the Kabuki Brush, Angled Blush Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush and Eye Shadow Brush/Lash.

No matter which makeup brush you’re using, these four tips make loose mineral application easy:

  • Dip brush in loose minerals and tap on the side of container to remove excess powder.
  • Swirl larger brushes in a circular motion on skin to evenly distribute minerals and create an airbrushed finish.
  • For more concentrated color, use a damp brush; this works especially well with eye shadow and blush or bronzer.
  • Keep makeup looking fresh all day with a misting of Mineral Setting Spray.

Use the right tools to effortlessly create your favorite Sheer Makeup looks. Don’t forget to wash brushes weekly to prevent bacterial growth to help prevent breakouts and irritations. Let me know in the comments the brushes you use daily.

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