Beat the Heat

Sunscreen and Bug-A-Boo are the top products needed for summer to shield skin from the elements, but today we’re going deeper! Make your summer beauty routine a breeze with products that beat the heat, restore moisture and protect from the severity of the season.

Prebiotic Facial Mist

Our exclusive formula hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Handcrafted with sea kelp and organic plant extracts, the mist feeds the good bacteria present on skin, making it ideal for regeneration. This mist is perfect to spritz all over after a long day in the sun; it ‘sucks up’ all the red sunburn, leaving a bronze glow.

BB Crème


Summer is all about a fresh face. Our lightweight BB crème blends your complexion and adds a healthy glow, while also providing a coverage of SPF15.

Revitalizing Hair Mist

We all dream of just-left-the-beach waves or a silky blow out and our Revitalizing Hair Mist can help you achieve both looks! Spray onto hair before blow drying and styling for a shiny, conditioned look, or spritz onto damp hair and scrunch for casual waves. The best part is d-panthenol and argan oil offer protection from the heat, chlorine and sun, keeping your hair healthier even after the season fades.

Overnight Rehab Crème

Cooling coconut water refreshes sunbaked while squalane fights the damaging effects of UV rays in the newest addition to our facial skincare line. Overnight Rehab Crème can be used day or night on most skin types. Those with dry skin have found combining the Overnight Rehab Crème with the Organic Anti Aging Serum provides the hydration needed.

Whipped Body Butter or Body icing

Time in the sun zaps moisture from skin. Our creamy skin conditioners soak into the skin to replenish moisture stripped from the heat and sun. The non-greasy formulas feature shea butter, jojoba oil and a host of other natural oils and extracts to soothe and mend. Try Island Coconut Body Icing for tropical vacation vibes or Mandarin Orange Whipped Body Butter for a burst of citrus.

Mineral Setting Spray

There’s nothing worse than creating a gorgeous makeup look and having it melt away in the humidity and heat. Set your face and keep skin cool with our Mineral Setting Spray.

Complete Herbal Foot Kit

Ever notice how your heels get rougher and dryer in the summer months? Just like with your skin, sun, sand and soaring temperatures can dry out your feet. Perfect your pedi with a relaxing foot soak plus massage away rough spots and replenish moisture

Other seasonal favorites that are TSA friendly

Don’t leave for an adventure without these travel and skin approved favorites. Nourish lips with Vegan Lip Balm or Organic Lip Balm. Keep strands maintained with TSA friendly Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner. Don’t forget your face! Pack your favorite facial care products with a Travel Face Kit.

The sun in shining, the weather is sweet. What are your favorite products to beat the heat?

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