Gaining Independence as a Direct Seller

When people realize there are genuine income possibilities for consultants, it allows them to dream about what lies ahead. Once they begin earning commissions and bonuses, it opens avenues in their lives they never dreamed possible. One of the most integral benefits to direct sales is the independence it offers the consultant in creating a schedule that merges with other priorities. We asked the consultants who are featured in our Fall & Winter catalog to weigh in on the topic of independence and their share their advice on gaining that freedom.

Heather Stapleton, Sr. Executive Director from Florida said “working from home has given me the flexibility to support my husband while he serves our country as a Navy doctor. His schedule is not his own and as a Navy doctor he has a very busy one. If I had a “9 to 5” job we would have to hire someone to take the kids to practice and run errands. Earning a full-time income while working from home part-time was a goal of ours and we are so blessed to have Lemongrass Spa Products as the vehicle that is allowing us to do fulfill this dream.”

Heather has been successful in earning incentive trip contests, being among the top teambuilders and part of the Advisory Board. “My #1 tip is to partner with your leader or a leader in your upline. Reach out for help and guidance. Model what other successful consultants are doing. Don’t copy it, but make it your own and run with it!”

Alexandra Meister, a Director in Indiana, joined Lemongrass Spa as a college student and achieved the title of Director very quickly. She says “working from home with Lemongrass Spa has given me financial freedom and flexibility I never thought would be mine to live out. In college, I worked my business around assignments and finals, having the peace of mind that I was the master of my schedule. After getting married and moving cross-country, I am not jobless because I now have the opportunity to grow my business in a new area. Having Lemongrass Spa as my primary source of income takes the stress out of job performance, because I answer to myself! I am able to use my love for marketing and social media on a daily basis, not just for fun, but also to increase my paycheck. For me, direct sales is the result of a passion and entrepreneurship coming together! Beyond the financial freedom and creative outlet, what surprised me the most about Lemongrass Spa is the opportunities I have had to travel to leadership and conference and meet like-minded women. Women across the country that share the same passion for healthy living and financial freedom that I wouldn’t have met any other way! They have become my closest friends as we cheer each other on towards our goals and dreams. I never thought I would be working for myself at age 23, but here I am…and I sure am loving it!”

The advice Alexandra offers other women entrepreneurs is captivating. “If you are already on the path of gaining financial independence as a direct seller, keep taking those steps forward! When you integrate direct sales into your life, you are ushering in a community of fiercely passionate women and men who will inspire you daily towards your personal goals. Take advantage of this community; build others up with what you have learned and see how it grow you in return. I can confidently say that my only regret in direct sales is that I didn’t join sooner!”

Priscilla Good, an Executive Director in Pennsylvania, a married mom of two young children says, “I always did little side jobs and I also have a wedding photography business. I never dreamed that Lemongrass Spa would replace all of that incomes and more. I still enjoy photography, but for this season of my life I’m focusing my time and energy on my Lemongrass Spa business. I was always one of those people who thought nobody made money in direct sales. My mind has been changed and it’s been so wonderful to be able to work from home, stay with my children, and have time (and extra money) for things that matter. Quick trips as a family (I can still work on the road!), friendships, and church functions. I’ve also enjoyed the learning experience that this business has given me: customer service, marketing, and working toward goals are all things that I feel I’ve grown in since beginning my journey with Lemongrass Spa. Also, through this experience, I’ve met SO many women who value the same things I do, and have found some really special, lasting friendships. Who knew having a business could teach you so much about yourself, and others?”

Priscilla reminds women to be themselves! “The number one piece of advice I give to the gals who join my team is to be UNIQUE. Be yourself. Within Lemongrass, we as consultants all sell the same products but the difference we can offer our customers is in the experience. I strive to make each of my customers feel as though they are my only customer. As you continue to bring your best to the table, you will attract like-minded customers, team members, and friends.”

Pamela Miller, a Premier Director from Kentucky, recently achieved an astounding $300,000 in career personal sales. She enjoys the flexibility this business has given her. “Recently I was asked when I began working outside of the home. The answer took a moment, but I realized that I’ve been working outside of the home since I was a senior in high school and have continued even after my retirement from the public-school system in 2000. For the majority of time as teacher I was always on someone else’s time schedule. With Lemongrass Spa, I have the freedom to set my own schedule. If I want to go to Maine with my daughter in the middle of October, I can travel and enjoy our time together. If my husband wants to go to Hawaii or to Europe for 21 days, I have the liberty to do that as well. Financially, Lemongrass Spa has made it easier for us to do these things.”

Pamela is incredibly focused on helping others find products that enhance their lives. “What helps me to continue to be successful with Lemongrass Spa is that I am passionate. I love our products, I love to educate and pamper people, and I pray before each of my Lemongrass Spa activities. I always want God’s love to shine through me in everything that I say and do. As I work my business, it’s necessary to stay focused, to stay positive and to keep moving forward. Each day is a new beginning and it’s my heart’s desire to make Lemongrass Spa a household name.”

As an entrepreneur, flexibility is one of the most significant benefits in joining the business and direct sales as an industry. What do you find most fascinating about becoming an entrepreneur?

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