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Two years ago I set a goal for Lemongrass Spa to eliminate phthalate-free fragrances in all our products while continuing to offer a diverse collection of scents. In July, at our annual conference, we unveiled our fresher, cleaner and more natural than ever product line where we have completely eliminated all non-natural fragrances, and my goal of reformulating existing scents and creating new ones with essential oils, botanicals and plant extracts is complete. Everything you see in the new fall catalog and beyond will incorporate only natural and organic scenting, setting us apart from hundreds of retailers and dozens of direct sellers who continue to use fragrances with questionable constituents. Today you’re going to take a tour through our stunning lifestyle inspired collection of skincare, makeup, essential oils, bath and body care products.

Sugar Petals

Embrace your sweet and feminine side with new Sugar Petals Collection. The all-natural aroma is a petal-perfect balance of freshly cut flowers kissed with sweet sugar cotton candy and layered with lush pear and plum.  This is for anyone looking for something completely unique; you won’t find this blend anywhere else.

Start your day by cleansing skin with Prebiotic Body Wash and exfoliate with Body Polish in the shower. Hydrate with Hand & Body Lotion Duo and then layer with the light and lively Hydrating Body Spritz. You’re going to notice a special surprise when you open your first jar of Sugar Petals body polish; we’ve sprinkled rose petals in it to give it extra softness and a luxurious look.

Grapefruit Bergamot

Uplift and refresh your day with new Grapefruit Bergamot, a citrus blend of fresh bergamot and sparkling pink grapefruit organic essential oils. For those of you who were sad to see our beloved Pink Grapefruit and Grapefruit Lily retire for good, I think you’ll be over the moon about this fabulously refreshing organic essential oil blend replacement. You’ll find its lighter, a hint less sweet and equally as enjoyable. My new favorite scent collection comes in a beautiful pink, sugar based Body Polish, a moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion Duo, a newly reformulated Natural Deodorant Stick and Prebiotic Hand Wash, perfect for cleaning up at the kitchen sink or bathroom. Both the Bergamot and the Grapefruit essential oils are diluted appropriately so there’s no phototoxicity concerns.

Clean Slate

A gentleman deserves soft and healthy skin. The new Clean Slate Collection will keep him handsome and fresh from head to toe. Start the day with the Bar Soap or Prebiotic 3-in-1 Wash and stay fresh throughout the day with the new Natural Deodorant Stick; skin will be smooth and hydrated After Shave Splash and Hand & Body Lotion. The aroma of cedarwood and bay rum are mellowed with amber and citrus is reminiscent of the local barbershop’s clean shave.

Passion Punch

You fell head over heals for our limited edition springtime scent, Passion Punch, and we’ve expanded it for the fall! Quench your skin’s thirst with a juicy burst of all-natural, organic passion fruit, mixed berry punch and citrus extracts. Introducing Body Polish, Body Icing, Prebiotic Body Wash and Hydrating Body Spritz all in full sizes. The body polish is a gorgeous berry color formulated with natural mica colorants and is nut-oil free.



Natural Deodorant Stick

Our best-selling Natural Deodorant Stick formula now comes in updated chic, eco-friendly BPA-free packaging and is available in the new Clean Slate and Grapefruit Bergamot. This stick has hydrating cocoa butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda and prebiotics to curb odor all day long; it offers a clear formula that glides on easily and works very effectively.

Charcoal Deodorant Stick

This all-natural deodorant is handcrafted with activated charcoal and bentonite clay to help absorb wetness and neutralize odor, while candelilla wax prevents clogging and toxin buildup. This new vegan formula is offered in organic Lavender and an organic Spearmint Lemongrass blend. It’s free from baking soda, aluminum and parabens; for those who need to avoid using baking soda deodorants, this is going to be your best bet. We believe we’ve created the very best charcoal deodorant on the market!

With this new Charcoal Deodorant Stick, the reformulated Natural Deodorant Sticks, the Deodorant Paste and the Deodorant Spray, there are many options to find the perfect natural odor-free solution without aluminum, fragrance or toxic chemicals.

Cabernet Organic Lipstick

Wear bold, wine stained lips with this new berry satin shade. This rich color is neutral enough for either warm skin tones or cool ones. We’re calling it a satin lipstick, but it’s really quite matte, without looking dull. Want a little shine for a night out? Apply Stardust Lip Gloss over the top for extra sparkle!

Sheer Minerals Eye Shadow

Add some drama, in a good way, to your wardrobe this fall! Introducing two new eye shadows to draw attention to those blue, brown, hazel or green eyes! Twilight is a matte, navy blue shade, perfect for all over color, blending into the crease to add depth or as an eyeliner.

Bordeaux features a rich plum/burgundy blend has a hint of brown undertones. Don’t be intimidated by this shade – it blends well as a neutral with just a hint of richness. This shade is especially beautiful on brunettes but equally as eye catching on women with black, blonde or auburn hair!

Hydrating Facial Mask & Hydrating Facial Polish with Pomegranate and Seaberry Seed Extract

During the process of reformulating products that had fragrance in them, we took the opportunity to enhance and improve our Hydrating Facial Polish and Facial Mask with Pomegranate added seaberry seed extract! Otherwise known as sea buckthorn oil, the small golden berry yields five times more vitamin C than an orange. Rich in omega fatty acids 7,3,6 and 9, seaberry seed extract promotes elasticity and regeneration. As a bonus, seaberry seed extract also helps treat and prevent acne. Especially helpful for hydration, the new mask and polish are highly recommended for normal to dry skin. Your skin will feel soft, silky and oh, so amazing!

Cherry Almond Organic Lip Balm 

With cooler weather right around the corner protecting your lips from dehydration is so important. We’ve developed a brand new tinted organic lip balm with the sweet smell of toasted almond and juicy cherries, created with natural fruit extracts. The lip balm leaves a hint of color for the perfect daytime look and it keeps lips moisturized for hours.




Holiday Spice Collection

Fill your home with the scents of the season! Our new Holiday Spice Collection features all your warm and cozy favorites, scented with organic, all-natural plant and fruit extracts plus an individual organic essential oil blend featuring five beloved festive oils.

Warm up your home when the weather turns cooler and the leaves start turning yellow and orange with Pumpkin Spice, a creamy, delicious treat of harvest pumpkin, with a dash of cinnamon and clove. The beautiful Bar Soap is handcrafted with actual pumpkin puree and certified organic essential oils, and the coordinating Room Spray is scented with all natural and organic plant extracts.

Warm and cozy scent of crisp apples sprinkled with ground cinnamon and fresh nutmeg, Apple Spice will take you back to days of harvesting apples, enjoying a hot cup of apple cider or taking an apple pie out of the oven on Thanksgiving Day. You’ll want the Prebiotic Hand Wash and Room Spray for your kitchen, restroom or office.

Many of you previewed Gingerbread Spice last year and were so enamored with the sweet, warm with a spicy kick, we’ve released it in a full sized Body Icing and new nut oil free Body Polish this season. This all-natural aroma will remind you of fresh-from-the-oven gingerbread cookies.

We’re excited to reveal a diffuser essential oil blend that will freshen any room of your home. Cozy up with this mix of organic cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, tempered with orange and a hint of balsam fir. This holiday exclusive can be diffused with my favorite Ultrasonic Diffuser in the living room, the Wall Diffuser for your powder room or the Lattice Diffuser in your office. We don’t recommend this blend as a topical because of the intensity of the clove oil, even if you dilute it. With children in the home, it is safe to diffuse with children 6 months old and up. Avoid diffusing oils with animals present including cats and dogs in the immediate area.

Human Kindness Kit 

We’ve curated a Human Kindness Kit to show compassion to those who’ve suffered as a result of trafficking, abuse or trauma. The quartet contains Passion Punch Organic Lip Balm, 1 oz. Prebiotic Facial Wash, Grapefruit Bergamot Natural Deodorant Stick and 2 oz. Grapefruit Bergamot Hand & Body Lotion. This is an affordable way to give back to those who deserve some TLC. For every kit sold, $1 will be donated to local victim’s resources and prevention centers.

Lavender Vanilla 

Refresh your skin with our new Lavender Vanilla Hydrating Body Spritz in an all-natural essential oil blend, the perfect addition to our cozy collection. Perfect for little girls and boys who want to wear ‘perfume’ or ‘cologne’ like mommy and daddy.

What are you most excited to try or do you have a new favorite scent yet? Let us know below in the comments!

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