5 Products You Can’t Live Without

Busy parents, students on the-go and jet-setting retirees all love an indulgent, pampering spa treatment, but we were on a mission to find out the day-to-day items people just can’t live without. We asked our community of consultants, made up of women and men from all over the country, what Lemongrass Spa products are their favorites. While many said “everything” or “it’s too hard to pick”, there was a common thread among respondents: everyday, multiuse products top their list. Here are the five can’t-live-without Lemongrass Spa products you should try.

1. Healing Elements Balm

It’s no surprise Healing Elements Balm (or “miracle in a jar”) is the number one can’t-live-without product! With various uses, such as diaper rash crème, relief for bug bites and skin rashes, and on the spot blemish treatment, Healing Elements has been the number one selling product for five years straight.

“There are too many reasons to list why Healing Elements is my top product” – Laura B. from New York

“It’s the saving grace with my kiddos for every little thing.” – Ashley S. from New York

“It treats everything having to do with skin.” – Elizabeth S. from Georgia

“Because it can be used for so many different things! ” – Rachael D. from South Carolina

“Healing Elements if for everyone in the family.’ – Melanie M. from Massachusetts

2. Bar Soap & Prebiotic Body Wash

Bar soap and prebiotic body wash make this list because they soften, condition and cleanse, are good for all skin types and conditions plus are safe for every member of the family. Spearmint Eucalyptus and Detoxifying Charcoal top the list of favorite scents with Tea Tree Facial Soap coming in a close third.

The bar soap “doesn’t irritate my son’s skin like store bought soaps” says Sheila W. from Maryland. Carol S. from Kansas uses the Spearmint Eucalyptus for “for body and face” because it’s “fresh, clean and gentle.” Melissa W. from Michigan and Laura B. from New York love the Detoxifying Charcoal because how “soft and clean” their skin feels, and Becky R. from Washington exclaims Tea Tree Facial Soap “changed my life by finally providing acne control”; Julie Z. from West Virginia agrees it’s great for oily/sensitive skin”.

Drea D. from DC proclaims the Spearmint Eucalyptus Prebiotic Body Wash her favorite because, “it smells great, it cleans without stripping, and it really cools me off on a hot day.” “I love how my whole family can wash from head to toe, even as a shampoo,” Mindy R. from Pennsylvania says about the Prebiotic Body Wash. Mindy isn’t the only one who loves the Prebiotic Body Wash because it doubles as a shampoo; many consultants, including Tara L. from New York, agree this is one of the reasons it makes their list. Hilary. V. from New York’s son calls the 3-in-1 Prebiotic Body Wash “the hair softner”.

3. Sheer Minerals Makeup

Makeup: to wear or not to wear? Wearing makeup is a personal preference and everyone has opinions about trends and techniques. One thing our community agrees on is that you choose Sheer Minerals Makeup because “it’s the best makeup around!”

For some, like Autumn F. from Hawaii, Sandra A. from Florida and Christa S. from Alabama, Sheer Minerals Makeup accounts for their entire top five because it “hides flaws”, “helps me look beautiful all day” and “has beautiful application”.

Mascara, BB Crème and Mineral Foundation are three classics our consultants recommend in every makeup bag.

BB Crème’s multifunctional properties make it a top pick!

Christina B. from Oklahoma sees it “as skin care vs. makeup.”

It “puts the primer, tinted moisturizer, sunscreen all in one” – Jennifer S. from New York.

“In one step you’ve got your anti aging serum, primer, moisturizer and spf!” – Tara L. from New York

BB Crème “slightly cover[s] imperfections” – Michelle F. from Colorado.

Ashley S. from New York sums up why BB Crème is such a hit, “it’s quick and out the door if I don’t want to do all my makeup.”

“Breathable and light – doesn’t cause breakouts” describes Karissa H. from Missouri of the Mineral Foundation. It “evens everything out nicely without any toxic chemicals,” remarks Susan R. from New York, plus she feels “more put together when I have makeup on.” Mineral Foundation “glides on like silk and evens out my complexion even when I don’t use the green concealer” replies Deb Z. from Pennsylvania.

Mascara makes you look together with minimal effort, an “all-I-need-when-I’m-late product” that makes your “eyes pop” says Becky R. from Washington and Bethany M. from Oklahoma. They agree it’s “long lasting”, “non-irritating and excellent for sensitive eyes”. Melissa B. from South Dakota excitedly reports it’s the “first time in my life my eyes have never been itchy from mascara.” If you want longer looking, fuller lashes, Jenn K. from Georgia and Laureen M. from Michigan a daily coat of the Organic Mascara.

4. Deodorant

Safe, effective odor control is a top priority for so many. From everyday activities to running marathons, we offer the right formula to meet your needs, and the Deodorant Paste and new Charcoal Deodorant Stick are the best for both women and men, according to our consultants. Finally a natural deodorant that “keeps the stink away” Ashlee P. from Iowa proclaims. Deodorant Paste is “the only deodorant that has EVER worked for me since I switched from commercial deodorant 8 years ago” states Sarah W. from New York. “Before going natural, clinicals didn’t even work. I had to use men’s strength deodorant,” Nicole P. from Michigan said. Laureen M. from Michigan claim the Deodorant Paste and Deodorant Spray are “the only natural deodorant that’s ever worked for me! And believe me, I’ve tried MANY.” It’s “especially important in hot climates, like central Florida” according to Melissa S., and Amanda G. from Michigan says Deodorant Paste is “the item that sold me on how amazing Lemongrass Products were! I had tried SO many natural deodorants and they never worked thankful to have found one that really works!“

5. Anti Aging Products

You’ve heard the old motto, “age is only a number”, and because of our anti-aging line, many of you are proving this to be true. Cindy L. declares the “Prebiotic Facial Wash, Prebiotic Facial Mist, Microdermabrasion Crème, Overnight Rehab Crème and Green Tea Antioxidant Serum together have worked WONDERS with my skin.” While a few people, like Jackie W. from New York, Allison W. from Florida and Carla M. from Texas, count their entire skincare kit as one product, Overnight Rehab Crème, Microdermabrasion Crème and Organic Anti Aging Serum are your top anti-aging picks.

Melissa R. from New York uses the Overnight Rehab Crème to “heal and transform my skin while I sleep”, and Melissa W. from Georgia love it because it “helps keep any redness down on my face and skin so soft.”

“Results!” is the reason MaryLou B. from New York, Rachel U. from Kansas and Ashlee P. from Iowa use the Microdermabrasion Crème. Heidi G. from South Carolina loves “the appearance of smaller pores when I use it!” Mariah P. says, “most of my blemishes have faded now and I feel a lot more confident”, and “it also brightens up the rest of my face” according to Kimberly W. from Mississippi.

Nourish skin with the Orgnaic Anti Aging Serum for “radiant and soft” skin says Christine H. from Florida, and Jan O. from New York is frequently asked by her customers to tell them her “secret testament” after she began using the serum. Mindy N.’s “facial skin has never looked better and more hydrated. No matter what I used before, my face always felt dry”, and Ashley P. from Mississippi tells us “the age spots on my forehead are less noticeable and my face feels amazing because of it!”

These everyday products make you feel beautiful and confident plus make life easier. What are your top five can’t-live-without products?

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2 thoughts on “5 Products You Can’t Live Without

  1. I LOVE LemonGrass Spa products! I first discovered their Body Polish (sugar scrub) when an enterprising representative left some jars in the ladies’ room of an upscale hotel and conference venue. Everyone was using it to wash their hands and oohing and aching over the feel and scent. I looked at the label, remembered seeing a LemonGrass Spa display out in the Expo area, ran out and said I MUST have a jar of it! I soon found out a friend was a LemoGrass Spa consultant.

    Later, I foolishly bought some “miracle” skin cream online, and the next day my forehead cracked, peeled, and was red and irritated and itchy. After months of this irritation, I contacted my friend who sent me a sample of Healing Elements. After two applications of tiny bits the size of a sesame seed, my forehead was totally healed, soft, smooth, no more redness, cracks, peeling, or itching.

    That did it, I ordered more of their natural products, and signed up to be a consultant. I LOVE them all and use them daily.

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