Back-to-School Skincare Essentials

School’s in session! You’ve checked paper, pencils and notebooks off your list. Have you considered your kid’s skincare needs? It doesn’t matter if your child attends public, private or home classes, we have their back-to-school skincare essentials covered.

Classroom & After School Activities

Schools stock hand soap and hand sanitizer typically filled with harsh, drying ingredients because, frankly, they’re cheap. You don’t need to sacrifice clean ingredients or clean hands when kids are in class; pack an On-The-Go Foaming Liquid Soap Dispenser filled with either Tea Tree & Citrus or Spearmint Eucalyptus Foaming Liquid Soap in an easily accessible spot like the outside pocket of a backpack.

Pop a 2 oz. lotion plus organic lip balm in your kid’s school bag to keep hands and lips hydrated throughout the day. Kids of all ages love the yummy scents (try everyone’s new favorite, Cherry Almond!), and you’ll love knowing they’re carrying (and sharing) safer skincare.

In addition to classes, back-to-school brings recess, PE, sports and a variety of extracurricular activities. Sun protection is important to help reduce the damaging effect of UV radiation such as premature aging and skin cancer. Elementary school-aged kids enjoy the ‘painting’ (applying) and erasing (rubbing in) or connect-the-dots methods. Teens probably won’t appreciate their parents drawing on them with sunscreen; they can, however, appreciate sunscreen education.

In addition to sunscreen, insect repellent is a must for outside activities. The 2 oz. Bug-A-Boo fits in the smallest of school and gym bags and naturally protects kids from insect bites with a blend of lemon eucalyptus, geranium essential oil, catnip and citronella, without the potentially harmful effects of DEET.

Homework Time

After school can be just as chaotic as getting ready in the morning: who needs a snack, what’d the teacher send home, what’s for dinner and how much homework do you have? Create a calm, quiet homework space anywhere in the home with everyone’s favorite new diffuser, Finn the Frog, and a relaxing, cleansing essential oil blend such as Chill Zone and Pure Air.

The last item in your back-to-school arsenal should be the Healing Stick Quartet! Comfort sore muscles, relieve skin minor conditions, soothe small skin irritations and refresh the throat and head area with these travel-sized balms.

Extra Credit

Being a teenager is exciting yet stressful, and teens want to return to school looking their best. Start a safe and simple skincare routine with your girl or boy using the Teen Skincare Kit. They receive everything they need to cleanse, tone, hydrate and treat their changing skin, and the travel bag makes it easy to pack for slumber parties and school trips.

You get an A for marking these back-to-school skincare essentials off your checklist! Comment below with your family’s back-to-school must-haves.

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