We salute all of you who are kicking cancer to the curb! Your bravery inspires us beyond what words can describe. This month we received the most heartwarming, awe-inspiring stories of courageous people all over the country who are undergoing a variety of treatments.

When you or someone you love is going through cancer treatment there are so many emotional and physical changes that go along with it. During the month of October we asked our sales consultants to nominate men, women and children in their communities undergoing cancer treatment who could benefit from the healing products in our Loving Care Gift Set. The set includes three of our most hydrating items: Healing Elements, Nail Balm and Ultra Hydrating Body Crème. Over 700 sets were gifted throughout the month and we thought you’d adore hearing some of their astonishing stories.

“So it seems I may have been bragging on feeling so well a little early. I've felt really tired and awful for the past two days and today my hair literally came out in handfuls! So I have an emergency appointment with Kelly and her clippers at 2:30 tomorrow! I'm not risking being patchy! I've been pretty bummed out about it all day but there's no getting around it. It's not as if I didn't know it was going to happen and besides buzz cuts are cool as someone told me today - I certainly hope so!! Anyway I'll post pictures tomorrow after I figure out what the heck to do with a bald head!

On a far more positive note I got a really nice gift set in the mail from Lemongrass Spa because it's breast cancer awareness month. Thank you Sarah B-Wellpup for thinking of me. It's really cheered me up and I'm looking forward to using it all!!”

"My Mom received the kit last week and she LOVED it!!! She asked how I knew her skin would be so dry. I told her about her angel named Erin. :) Seriously, that is the kindest, most appropriate gesture ever for someone going through this. She loves the products and says they are really helping alleviate the dryness and discomfort. Thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart."

With a tear in my eye and a full heart, I also thank Lemongrass. -Erin Copelan

“My mother got her caring gift set from our company! We truly belong to a wonderful family in Lemongrass Spa. Thank you so very much, you made her day.” Chrissy Mondi- Hymiak

“First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Lemongrass Spa! What an honor and a privilege to work with such a big-hearted company!”   Cherry Amanatidis

“Greetings Lemongrass Spa:

Powerful Divas with a Purpose would like to send a heart felt thank you to Lemongrass Spa for the gifts donated to our cancer survivors. Each survivor participated in our 2nd Annual Fifty Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Event, "Survivors Stories" Fashion Show where they were allowed to share their journey as we continue to fight for a cure.

The models were truly appreciative of your contribution and could not wait to try your all natural products. We look forward to networking with you in the future at our next breast cancer event.

We wish you much success in the future and remember together, we are Powerful!”

SheRina Lindsey-Stewart,

Chief Operations Officer

Powerful Divas with a Purpose

“Thank you so much! Kat received the kit and was crying when she realized what it was! She is very grateful for the kind gift from Lemongrass Spa!”   Sandy Allen

“My mother, Carmen Ramirez, or as we nicknamed her when my brother and I were kids..."Neno". She is a breast cancer survivor and has been undergoing chemo for the last year after finding out she has stage 4 Gastric (Stomach) Cancer. They told her she had no more than 6 months and it has been over a year and standing tall. Not only has my mother survived breast cancer when I was just in college but is now helping her grandkids while still living with stage 4 cancer. 

She is the strongest and most optimistic woman who somehow makes the world seem bright everyday. She is a fighter who won the battle before and will stop at nothing to win this current battle. This is my mom.” Yanci Beers

“THANK YOU Lemongrass Spa! This gift really is an encouragement for those that can hardly walk out of their homes, like Stephanie. God Bless you all!” Karen Louann Lewis

“I'm a new LGS consultant and am both humbled and happy to be part of a company that gives back to the community in so many ways. Thank you for this generous act of kindness.” Christine Jones

“Thanks so much!  This is one of the most loving gestures, and I love that our corporate office does this.  One of the many reasons I love Lemongrass Spa!” Denise McCormish

“Hi Heidi Leist and Lemongrass Spa Family. Saw this a few nights ago and again tonight so I decided to share. This is an amazing and wonderful gift to all who are fighting this tough battle. I just received the results from my lastest PET SCAN and am now in full remission. A whole year of my life was spent battling this horriable DISEASE and I am honored that you are doing this for those in need of some extra "Loving Care." I am fortunate to be able to say I am now Cancer Free!! I was fortunate and blessed in many ways with my Cancer. I had Cancer for many years (5 to 8 years) and didn't know!! The softball size tumor had been encapsulated so it wasn't able to metastasized and spread to the rest of my body. Wow 5 to 8 years it could have spread all over, that was a miracle to me, so I say I was blessed. After two significant surgeries my chemo treatments were going to be long and strong. 8 hours every three weeks for 6 months and then radiation everyday for 6 weeks. At my very first treatment a group of Women came into the infusion center with beautiful purple bags full of goodies for those of us receiving chemo. The joy, love, and comfort it gave me is beyond those words. Those who receive your gift are going to feel the same way, so I want to thank you for giving some extra "Loving Care" to those who need it. The love, prayers, thoughts, and gifts from all my family, friends, and people who didn't even know me throughout my journey to recovery kept me strong and that is something you will be doing for someone else, AMAZING!!”   Jill Ramirez, Lemongrass Spa Consultant

Click here if you would like to purchase a Loving Care Set for someone in your life whose skin could use a little TLC.