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We’re on a mission!

We want to provide you and your family with natural, effective products that are both indulgent and purposeful. From our luxurious spa collection, to our best-selling skincare line and for your everyday needs our family care collection will be a welcome replacement in your home.


How we came to be

Just like you, we wanted the best for our family but we couldn’t find it...

When Lemongrass Spa Founder, Heidi, was pregnant with her daughter she began reading labels on her skincare, makeup and bath products and realized there were many toxins in everything she was using. On a mission to find safer products she started creating her own bath crystals and tub teas. She and a friend hosted a girls night out and showed women how to make their own natural bath crystals. It was that fun-filled evening that inspired Heidi to create more products and eventually provide spa experiences for women across the county.


From our garage to a team of thousands!

Heidi with her mom Karen, who continues to make her exceptional, handcrafted products full of love for Lemongrass Spa today!

Since our humble beginnings Heidi and her mother, Karen, worked together to create products in Heidi's basement when the company first got started in the small mountain town of Bailey, Colorado. Soon thereafter, Heidi’s husband, Bryan, quit his IT job to oversee software, accounting and commissions. In 2007, Lemongrass Spa moved out of the garage to a manufacturing and distribution center in Pine, Colorado, where our home office still operates. In August 2014, a second manufacturing and distribution center opened in Tarpon Springs, Florida. With manufacturing and distribution centers in both states, we are able to efficiently manufacture and ship to thousands of amazing Lemongrass Spa Consultants and customers across the Country!


Friendly, supportive, motivated and caring. Lemongrass Consultants are passionate about their businesses and their customers.

our consultants
are the
of lemongrass

We are proud to sell our products exclusively through our Consultants, giving them the opportunity to make a difference in their community.


"Thank you so much for this awesome package! It was much needed and appreciated.”

- Danielle Kilgore and Carrie Rhodes

Freedom feet for our servicewomen

It began out of compassion and continues to grows out of respect

Stefanie Van Ness, a Consultant from Iowa took charge of this program over 7 years ago. Operation Freedom Feet was born out of one consultant's desire to help support female soldiers serving overseas. "Those amazing women wear combat boots all day and deserve a pampering experience to let them know we are thinking of them."

Since then, with the help of Consultants, customers, corporate sponsors and our Give Back fund we’ve shipped over 5000 Freedom Feet Foot Kits to US Military serving overseas.

You can say thank you to a servicewoman by purchasing a Freedom Feet Kit. Your donation will bless the life of a deserving soldier. Imagine how wonderful she will feel when she opens a red, white and blue box filled with handcrafted foot products she can enjoy. She'll cherish it every time she slips off her combat boots and enjoys a foot treatment.

Freedom Feet Foot Kits


communities matter to us!

Serving others and giving back is a big part of the foundation that Lemongrass was built.

Throughout the year, Lemongrass Spa conducts initiatives to help serve organizations for the betterment of our communities and its citizens. Through our Giving Back Fund, Lemongrass Spa Corporate Office is able to donate products and cash to small organizations and families in crisis. These micro donations mean that we directly change the lives of those who are in need, at that moment.

Our Lemongrass Consultants have discovered that their true passion is in serving others. The Home Office Team enjoys supporting the efforts of consultants who choose to organize fundraising events for charitable organizations or to give to families in need. Victims of natural disasters, domestic abuse. Families with sick children and organizations who are working to better their communities too!

  • list of organizations and recipients
    • Sauk Saum
      Ronald McDonald House
      Joplin, Missouri tornado victims assistance
      American Red Cross
      Waldo Canyon Fire victims
      Oklahoma and Texas tornado victim assistance
      Platte Canyon High School
      West Jefferson Middle School
      Mission to Haiti
      Breast Cancer Fund
      National Breast Cancer Foundation
      West Virginia flood victims
      Chemo Bags for Kyra
      Human Growth Foundation’s Say No to Bullying fundraiser

You can help too!

To help making a difference easy, we’ve created a few products specifically
to help make life a little brighter for those who need it. Our gift sets
are available through a Lemongrass Consultant and online.

Giving back gift sets

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More to be proud of...

We’re excited to have been recognized by our peers.

Our drive and determination come from wanting to provide healthy alternatives to you and you families. Our Consultants provide us with plenty to be proud of and from time to time we have even more to be proud of.

Lemongrass Spa

One of the Top 100 Women
Owned Companies in
Colorado in 2014

by Colorado Biz Magazine