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Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, breathe in the smell of spring air and say to yourself, winter is nearly over! We’re getting ready for warm weather with the release of our latest skincare and haircare collections with products that are FRESHER, CLEANER and more NATURAL than ever. We’re completely eliminating the phthalate-free scents and either reformulating or replacing them with essential oil or plant based scent blends. From head to toe, we have something new for you!

NEW Hair Care

At Lemongrass Spa, we love helping you to look and feel your best! Our new hair care duo will help you go from ‘Bad Hair, Don’t Care’ to ‘Wow, your hair looks amazing’ in minutes! Your morning routine just got easier with our natural arrowroot formulated Dry Shampoo. With an easy to dispense bottle, you can skip washing from time to time and keep your locks looking fresh. The natural formula helps reduce excess oil on your scalp and separates hair strands to create volume and texture. With a hint of tangerine essential oil, your hair will smell fresh and clean.

On the days that you wash your hair, give your do’ some extra TLC with new Revitalizing Hair Mist. This weightless conditioning spray has Pro Vitamin B5 and argan oil to add moisture and shine. This mighty little bottle solves three hair issues: tangles, dryness and brittle texture. Spray it on your hair after towel drying and watch how easily you can brush through those tangles. After regular use, you’ll notice how the texture of your hair has improved – – from rough and dry to soft and manageable. For those of you who blow-dry your hair, you know that over time it can be damaging. Spritz on this Revitalizing Mist to keep those locks looking healthy!

NEW Island Coconut

All-new reformulated Coconut Cream is now called Island Coconut! Created with all-natural plant and fruit essences, this tropical escape in a bottle will transport you to lazy days at the beach or poolside fun in the sun! This combination of fresh coconut, a drizzle of juicy pineapple and creamy vanilla will become your summertime must-have.

This collection includes nourishing Body Icing, Bronzing Butter (BACK for the season!), Hydrating Body Spritz, Massage Oil and Toasted Coconut Bar Soap!

The first thing you’ll notice about the soap bar is that there are real toasted coconut shavings sprinkled on top! It’s very lightly scented and you’ll notice a warm coconut essence with the moisturizing properties of Coconut Water used in the formula. The other very exciting news is that our soap is receiving a mini-makeover. All of our handcrafted bar soap will now come inside custom kraft gift boxes made from 100% recycled paper. Instead of the soap wrap label, these boxes have a see-through window so you can smell the soap but its protected inside this adorable box and ready to give to that special someone.

NEW Tranquil Escape

This seaside inspired scent created with organic plant extracts will transport your senses to the water’s edge. With a hint of sea salt, lime, and fresh breezes, this unisex scent will be a favorite of yours. Customers who love light, airy, fresh scents will fall in love. Understated and refreshingly crisp, this is just the right combination of zesty citrus, warm bergamot and breezy freshness.

Let us tempt you with the brilliant blue Tranquil Escape Body Polish. With a sea salt base this shower sensation will create a beach escape right in your shower. Lather up with Prebiotic Body Wash. Once you step out of the shower and dry off, moisturize with the Hand & Body Lotion. Freshen up throughout the day with the Hydrating Body Spritz. For those days you need a spa escape, draw a bath and soak in the freshness with our Mineral Bath Soak!

When you’re getting ready for your summer road trip, you won’t want to forget to pack our new Tranquil Escape Travel Trio! This darling gift set includes your new must-haves in TSA-friendly sizes: Prebiotic Wash, Hydrating Body Spritz and Hand & Body Lotion! The Tranquil Escape Travel Trio is limited edition and only available through April 1, 2018.

Organic Lip Balm

Pina Colada has been added to the already popular lineup of Vegan lip balms in collector slide tins! This juicy blend is a collision of coconut and pineapple, created with organic plant extracts.

We reformulated all of our lip balm in tubes with an organic base of beeswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter. Offered in kid-approved flavors including Bubble Gum, Grape Escape, Candy Cane and Banana. Our slim-line tubes, offered in a Lip Balm Quartet now featureNEW Passion Punch, Spearmint, Pink Shimmer and Pomegranate. Passion Punch is bursting with flavors of passion fruit, mixed berries and citrus, enjoyed by lip balm users of all ages.

NEW Chill Zone Essential Oil and Diffuser

One of the hottest topics you’ll read from health and wellness experts is the magic behind using essential oils to relax and de-stress. The influx of work and daily to-do’s can be stressful and it’s important that we help others learn ways to keep calm and relax. We created a special blend to help you unwind and let the stress of the day be a distant memory. Our new Chill Zone Essential Oil Blend is comprised of lavender, chamomile, neroli (orange blossom), mandarin and clary sage. Add a few drops to a diffuser or dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to pulse points when you need to chill out.

Bring springtime into your home with a new Fresh Breeze Diffuser. This compact water diffuser fits perfectly into small spaces but can fill big spaces too! The ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser generates the vapor by vibrating the water until it evaporates. The light up feature offers ambiance as the oil is diffused in your office or home.

Sheer Minerals Makeup 
Warm up your look with five new shades added to the Sheer Minerals Makeup collection. For our women of color, we’re delighted to offer new Chestnut Dark and Cocoa Deep Mineral Foundation. Chestnut Dark is a warm brown for dark skin tones. This shade  helps illuminate your skin tone and reflect light. It has less of the orangey tones offered previously and it blends much better with a variety of dark skin colors. Cocoa Deep is now the darkest shade available in the Sheer Minerals line. It has neutral and cool tones that blend well for even the deepest of skin tones.

Give your eyes a pop of spring! Three new shades have been added to our eye shadow collection.

Dusty Rose is a feminine matte rose pink with warm undertones. Perfect as an all-over base shade, blends well with other colors. It’s especially popular with blondes and redheads because it brings a pop of color without being too bold.

Frosted Bronze is a shimmery, neutral metallic bronze, perfect for blending into the crease to add depth to your eyes. It looks great on light, medium, tan or dark skin tones and is amazing on ladies with blue eyes, brown, hazel or green eyes.

New & Improved Smokey Eye is a matte charcoal grey that can be used as an eyeliner or blend with other shades for a bold, smokey eye look. To reformulate this color, we removed the blue from the mix and tempered it with a charcoal blend to give it a true smokey eye tone. Applied wet as a liner is amazing, too.

Your quest for a healthier lifestyle got a little easier with our FRESHER, CLEANER and more NATURAL collection, and everyone in the family will fall in love. What will you be trying first?

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