Top Beauty Trends to Try in 2020

It’s that time of year to switch up our goals and routines. However, have you considered switching up your beauty routine? We’ve entered a new decade which means there are new top beauty trends to try. Goodbye, 2010s and hello, 2020!

We are sharing all of the trending ingredients, clean formulas and beauty tools to try for 2020. We’re forecasting the best in skin, makeup, hair and more!  If you love fresh skin, luscious hair and sheer makeup, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Top Beauty Trends in Skincare

Jade Roller

The jade roller is one of the top beauty tools this year! It’s small size and affordable price make it a favorite among those interested in beauty products. On Pinterest and Instagram, searches for jade rollers exploded making it one of the most popular searched terms in 2019 and it isn’t going away any time soon. This ultra-trendy tool helps support lymphatic drainage, boosts blood circulation, reduces under-eye swelling and minimizes the appearance of fine lines giving you a more well-rested and younger look. Use with your favorite serum for best results.

Lightening Serum

Speaking of serum, lightening serums are topping the charts! The increase in popularity comes with the desire to produce an even skin tone, give a youthful radiance and reduce the appearance of scarring. Majority of skin lightening serums contain harmful ingredients but ours is a gentle, plant-based formula that battles hyper-pigmentation with a highly effective combination of hyaluronic acid and plant-derived lighteners. Use twice daily to reduce discoloration, brighten skin tone and even skin texture.

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is rising to popularity! Hyaluronic acid actually isn’t acid at all but is a sugar that is naturally occurring in the skin. It helps with hydration helps the skin hold on to as much moisture as possible so your skin looks bright, plump and hydrated. The natural levels of hyaluronic acid decline as we age so it is necessary to add more to retain that bright, youthful glow. We have a Vitamin C Serum that is like a daily multivitamin for the skin. It targets a multitude of skincare concerns and uses ingredients such as vitamin C, plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid to build elasticity and promote healthy collagen production.

Inclusive Beauty

Skincare isn’t just for women! Skincare sets are becoming more available for all genders and ages. Trends forecast men’s skincare sets to top the charts with beard oil and aftershave leading the sales.

We can’t forget the teens and babies either! There’s an increasing demand for natural teen and baby care products. People are learning towards more chemical-free, dye free formulas which shows the desire for organic skincare. We carry a line for teens containing active ingredient and gentle botanicals work together to prevent and reduce breakouts without drying out skin. Our baby line contains products with a blend of sweet almond oil, aloe vera gel and calming lavender flowers kissed with soft notes of vanilla to soften and soothe baby skin.

Top Beauty Trends in Hair Care

Shampoo Bars

If you are environmentally conscious, you may have heard about shampoo bars. Plastic waste is a serious global issue and shampoo bars cut that out. A shampoo bar is a solid version of the original while ditching the plastic. The solid version typically cuts out the harmful chemicals normally found in shampoos such as sulfates and parabens. Our Rosemary Shampoo Bar is infused with rosemary essential oil and nettles to stimulate the scalp and cleanse hair. Not to mention it’s perfect for traveling and TSA friendly so there’s no worries going through security.

Waterless Hair Care

Washing hair is SO last year! Just kidding! Products to extend time between hair washing are becoming more available. Our natural Dry Shampoo formula is enhanced with arrowroot powder to revive hair by absorbing excess oil and adding volume. It absorbs oil, adds texture and revives hairstyles. Keep your locks looking fresh between washes with this travel friendly dry shampoo and styling powder. The biotin encourages healthy hair growth and the tangerine oil leaves a fresh, clean scent. The dry powder absorbs quickly, leaving no white residue so it doesn’t affect hair color and vibrancy.

Top Beauty Trends in Makeup

Extended Shade Ranges

Beauty is more diverse than ever. We have a vast range of shades in both the Liquid and Powder Foundations. We are proud to represent customers along the entire shade range spectrum. Our foundation helps your skin look natural and beautiful while evening skin tone. Our liquid foundation provides buildable coverage with a lightweight finish that hydrates, conceals blemishes and smooths fine lines. Also, it provides natural sun protection against UV rays and our Mineral Foundation has SPF 15-20. All of our foundations are all natural, 90% organic, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free.

Blue Eyeshadow

The 80s and 90s are back in full force. Blue eyeshadow is taking the internet by storm with its vibrant color. The trends are moving away from minimal makeup into bolder colors. Keep it modern by pairing the look with a nude lip and sheer foundation.

Pink Hues

We’re all about pink this year! Eyeshadow, blush and lips can be found in all shades of pink. Keep it simple and muted or bright and bold. We have a wide range of pink makeup items for you to pick and choose from.

The top beauty trends for 2020 revolve around clean formulas, environmentally safe products and toxin free cosmetics. Lemongrass Spa has all of those qualifications including gluten free, cruelty free, toxic chemical free and all natural. If you’re considering trying out any of these beauty trends, let us know which ones you choose in the comments and check out the rest of our products at

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