Read My Lips: What Your Lipstick Color Says About You

For centuries, women have worn makeup to make themselves more noticeable, attractive and confident. It can also be worn as an extension of our individuality, enhancing, brightening and transforming our natural beauty. Lipstick, in particular, is one of the easiest and most powerful makeup items to enrich your look. Shades have expanded from classic Old Hollywood red to shades of nude, pink, burgundy, orange and purple, increasing the opportunity to be unique with our makeup choices. Lipstick draws attention to the lips; making them stand out and pulling your entire look together. Adding a pop of color to your lips can take your look from day to night, from casual to glam or from unseen to seen.

In honor of approaching Valentine’s Day, we’re breaking down our selection of Organic Crème Lipstick and what they convey about your style and personality!

A light, beige, nude frost that compliments the natural shade of your lips. This neutral lip can signify a no-nonsense, practical personality. Bare Champagne babes are kind, and the hint of shimmer signifies joy and happiness.

A satin, rich terracotta tone. This shade looks perfect for a night out, showing your trendy side without being too flashy. The Cocoa Berry girl is honest, confident and courageous. Make a dramatic entrance with this warm and inviting color.

A matte nude with a hint of pink. This shade compliments any skintone and hair color. The Merlot girl is modest, but still wants to feel glamorous and put together. She is happy to fly under the radar, while still showing her girly side.

A frosty rose pink that embraces purple and grey undertones. Mauve is known as a spirited shade, complementing cool skin tones. This shade displays femininity and romance. Adding just a hint of frost and shine, it also plays up your lively and sassy side.

A matte blend of orange and coral that echoes the romance of a summer sunset. The bold shade signifies a fun, mischievous personality and someone who isn’t afraid to be seen. A Persimmon girl is often the first to spot a trend and plays personal stylist to her friends.

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A frosty, soft petal pink. This is the go-to for ladies who want to subtly enhance their natural lip color. It’s fresh and young, feminine and romantic. Princess Pearl represents poise and wisdom and is a hue fit for princesses of all ages.

A matte purple-pink berry hue that adds a juicy pop of color. Sangria is perfect for day or night. It signifies that you are classic, yet bold. Bubbly and inviting. You’re fun and sassy with an infectious, playful laugh.

A satin fiery red, with blue undertones. People who rock red are known to live life to the fullest, are persistent, adventurous and strong-minded. She is not afraid of attention and knows how to walk into any situation with confidence and class.

*Lip colors modeled by Lemongrass Spa Consultant Trisha Hathaway.

What is your go-to shade?

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