Party in the New Year with 50% More Host Rewards

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has subsided and it’s time to rest, restore and rejuvenate your mind and body. New year, new you—isn’t that how the saying goes? Whether you’re a resolution-maker or just into going with the flow, January is all about you. Refocus, re-center and get your skin back to pre-holiday-insanity perfection. Wouldn’t your friends like an invite to join you? We’ve increased our host cash rewards in January by 50%. Pick a date, choose a theme and let’s party!

Here’s some spa party inspiration for you.

Winter skincare 101 

With so many parties, lots of drinking, eating and many carefree indulgences, combined with extreme weather conditions, the holiday season can easily be the worst time of year for your skin. Plus, keeping skin nice and hydrated throughout the winter can certainly be a challenge — especially if your skin is dry or sensitive. The most important thing you can do to is carve out time each morning and evening to do something to help you face the cold. During a “hands-on” facial class, you and your friends will find the right products to provide the moisture, vitamins and soothing properties your skin is begging for during winter months.

Short on time but still want to show your skin some TLC? Book a 30-minute Detoxifying Charcoal Facial party. Charcoal is the beauty ingredient of the moment thanks to its inherent purifying and deep cleansing abilities. It can now be found in everything from cleansers to face masks, plus it’s a hit with men, teens and tweens!

This month you and your guests can take advantage of our skincare sale. Purchase your favorite face crème and your eye crème will be 50% off.

Sheer Minerals Makeup Party

When was the last time you changed your makeup? You might be surprised to learn that the type of makeup you apply to your face on a daily basis can have a dramatic effect on the health and youthful appearance of your skin. Many cosmetics are made with harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin and compromise its integrity.

A healthy alternative is our Sheer Minerals Makeup collection. Created without harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, our makeup is designed to provide a wide range of benefits for your skin. Invite a few friends to a Sheer Minerals 101 class to learn about choosing makeup colors to compliment and illuminate your complexion, an everyday makeup routine and step-by-step how-to apply them.

Not looking for a full makeover? Host a 30-minute eyebrow bar. Eyebrows take center stage in the world of makeup; they frame the face, and if done correctly, can act as an instant eyelift. See how easy it can be to highlight, frame, enhance, shape and bring out eyes and brows.

Essential Oil Make & Take

Have you wondered if it’s really worth it to make homemade products? Start the New Year off inviting your friends to a hands-on, interactive party to see how simple and affordable it is to incorporate essential oils into your daily cleaning routine. At our Essential Oil Make and Take Party, your friends will leave with one of the essential oil household products they choose from a menu of options. Since cleaning is a necessity, this fun class appeals to anyone interested in saving money and feeling better as they switch from store-bought cleaners to safer homemade versions.

A few more themes to consider:

  • Foot Spa: escape the day by slipping your tired toes into an invigorating bath
  • Hand Exfoliation: gently release dry skin and restore moisture for soft, youthful hands
  • Baby & Me: new mommies, bring your bundle of joy to learn tips and tricks to caring for baby’s sensitive skin without the use of potentially damaging chemicals.

Join me next week for three ways to party and maximizing your 50% more host rewards!

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