It is countdown to wedding season and whether you are a guest, part of the wedding party or the bride to be, everyone wants to put their best pampered foot forward before walking down the aisle. Follow these head to toe tips before the "I do’s".

*3-6 months before the event, put your best face forward:

It is best to begin this early and continue the same routine until your event so that your skin has time to adapt to the products and wont react badly to something new being put into the routine. Use all of the same skin care products and makeup you will use on the day of the event.

*2 months before the event, say yes to the tresses:

If you haven’t already, begin using Lemongrass Spa’s Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner; there may be a detox period from the chemical laden shampoos and conditioners you’ve been using, but, I assure you, a couple of weeks with SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) free shampoo and botanical conditioner, your hair will feel lush and luxurious, ready for your up-do, down do or veil.

* 1 month before the event, forget-me-nots:

Pay special attention to areas you don’t often think about: knees (for those flirty short dresses), elbows (for short sleeved, spaghetti strap or tank style outfits), back (for those sexy low or backless gowns) and décolleté (for bustiers or low necklines).

Body polish is amazing for exfoliating and making those knees and elbows soft to the touch.

Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap or Tea Tree Face Soap can take the red out and clear up any “backne” or “neckne” you may have; switching to Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner can also help. The suds of the shampoos and conditioners with unpronounceable ingredients may be contributing to itching, redness and breakouts. Most importantly: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  A little bronzing butter for color and sparkle on your décolleté will look radiant for a day or evening event. Apply and let dry completely before dressing.

 * 2 weeks before the event, test the waters

Don’t wait until the day before your big day to figure out your makeup and hair.  Try it all on and see how it looks.  If you are having your hair and makeup professionally done, pack up your favorite Sheer Minerals colors and find someone who is willing to work with the products you know work for you.  The skin and hair are sensitive to change and you don’t want any skin breakouts or hair freak outs at the last minute.

* 1 week before the event, jump in with both feet:

A calming foot soak will refresh your tootsies pre-wedding (and post Hokey Pokey). Soak your feet in warm water with a dash of Cucumber Foot Soak, breathe in the refreshing cucumber scent and relax. Soften and slough off those dry cracked heels and gently push back your cuticles as you massage feet with the Cucumber Foot Scrub (or better yet, let someone else rub your feet). Finally, slather on the Cucumber Foot Crème, kick back and let it soak in.

*The big day, say "I DO!"

No matter what part you are playing in the big event, smile for the camera, take in all of the compliments you are bound to receive and say " I Do!"

"You look amazing."

" I do." 

"You glow from head to toe"

" I do!"

"Do you use Lemongrass?"

 " I DO!!"