T’WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS and I was HOME ALONE.  It was a SILENT NIGHT, so I filled a foot tub with my Herbal Foot Soak, applied the Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Mask to my face and lowered my mall-weary feet into the blissfully warm water.

Suddenly, my phone rang. “BAH-HUMBUG”, I said under my breath, “It’s probably another solicitor!” Regardless, I answered the phone, and a tiny little voice, like an ELF said, “You’ve been invited to a CHRISTMAS VACATION!! MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS at the HOLIDAY INN!!”

Not knowing what kind of HOLIDAY AFFAIR this would be, I stopped and pondered.. 

Would it be a Swanky Soirée?


I pulled out my Rose Shimmer Mineral Blush, Graphite and Dazzle Mineral Eye Shadow for a smokey, deep shimmer palette, plus Siren Organic Creme Lipstick topped with Organic Lip Gloss in Red Hot for the classic holiday lip. 

Or a Cozy Celebration?


I’d add a pop of Sand Pearl Shadow to my lids, Graphite to my crease and Cocoa Berry Organic Crème Lipstick on my pout. 

Or would it be a Spectacular Spa Party?


I changed tunes to a more neutral, glam vibe, with Sea Shell Eye Shadow on my lids, Marsala Mineral Blush on my cheeks and Moonlit Mauve Organic Crème Lipstick layered with Plum Spice Organic Lip Gloss.

Or a Festive Fete?


I decided on a classic holiday look, by applying my BB Crème with the Blending Sponge. I illuminated my face by adding Sweet Cheeks Blush to the apples of my cheeks, Strobe Stick to my cheekbones and Contour to the hollows of my cheeks.  I decided on a classic smoky eye using Sand Pearl Eye Shadow on my lids, Graphite Eye Shadow in the crease and a sweep of White Diamond Eye Shadow on my brow bone to finish the look. I finished my look with Organic Mascara in Matte Black and my favorite Siren Organic Lipstick and I was ready to go!

After arriving at my destination, I wasn’t quite sure where to go, so I wandered around the town and headed towards the sound of the JINGLE BELLS. Wondering if this was going to be THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, I stopped to look around. Then….like a MIRACLE, ON 34th STREET, WHAT TO MY WANDERING EYES DID APPEAR, but my Lemongrass Spa Consultant and her friends, with their Lemongrass Spa gear!! They were all resplendent in their festive lime green, looking like BABES IN TOYLAND against the holiday backdrop.

I ran down to meet them and we all SHOUTED OUT WITH GLEE! It was a Lemongrass Spa-La and they had invited ME!!

The ballroom looked like a candy store with sweet polishes, creamy lotions and colorful makeup. VISIONS OF SUGARPLUMS DANCED IN MY HEAD! I thought to myself, ITS BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS!

And now, surrounded by love, laughter and friendship, I once again sat down and lowered my feet into a warm Herbal Foot Soak and said under my breath “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!”

Wherever the season takes you, don’t leave without wearing a Sheer Minerals Makeup classic.