Get to know our COnsultants

Our community is comprised of savvy, accomplished women and men. Some joined with a quest to provide their friends and families with safe, gentle products. Others with an interest in earning extra income while working a flexible schedule as their own boss. Whatever the reason, we come together with a common goal in mind: to spread the word on natural and healthy living.

Meet Alexandra

My Lemongrass story started with a quest to find an organic mascara and more natural options for my everyday products. Flipping through the catalog and having assurance that each and every product was safe for my sensitive skin, I knew this was something. I could stand behind.

What began as side hustle has transformed into a journey filled with a community of the most incredible women and income potential that allowed me to graduate with my Bachelors degree debt-free. Because of Lemongrass Spa, I have found that there is nothing quite like the freedom to be financially independent, to live with passionate authenticity and toxin-free!

Meet Mara

As a busy mom of four kids, I love the flexibility my business offers! I'm able to stay at home with my infant daughter, volunteer in my son's classrooms during the day and attend all their activities in the evenings. The income my family receives from my business has blessed us with so many things I never thought we'd be able to afford: family vacations, kids’ sports programs, improvements to our home, and even funding our retirement accounts. The thing I look forward to most of all is earning the annual incentive trip and receiving an all-expense paid vacation for my husband and me! It's such a luxury for us to get away, relax, and reconnect year after year!

'With Lemongrass, I am Free'

Meet Priscilla

I started with Lemongrass Spa after attending a dreamy spa morning at a friend’s house. Pampering women and helping them feel beautiful is something I have always wanted to pour my heart into and I loved the fact that I could do that while using great and affordable natural products. I love the sense of community and integrity that I have felt from this company as a whole and it’s something I’m proud to be apart of. Blessed to be a wife and mother I appreciate that I can create my own hours, work from home, and truly make this business unique and “my own”. It’s been a true outlet for me and has helped me to discover my love for business, relationships, and community.

Meet Heather

Lemongrass Spa has allowed me to work from home while raising our 4 children and standing beside my husband as he serves our country. Being a military family for 18 years, we move frequently (5 times in the last 10 years) and having a direct sales business means I don't have to transition to new jobs every time we relocate.

I wake up every day with fire in my soul to help others whether it's with natural products, helping others start their own business or simply helping one of my children meet a goal of their own. The community here is like none other. Consultants and leaders alike help each other no matter what team they’re on… everyone is so giving of their resources and time.

Meet Pamela

I am thankful to God in Heaven for putting all the pieces together for me to find Lemongrass Spa. Through Him, I am able to bestow love on the women I encounter by listening to them and pampering them.

At our convention in July, I revealed my K.B.C. Plan: Know, Believe, and Claim. Know that you can be successful, believe in your heart that you can do it, and claim it.

I have found the most amazing friends through this company and am continually blessed by our relationships. I praise God for Heidi and Bryan and for the wonderful connection they have created. Because of this company, I am able to travel across Kentucky and share amazing natural products. It is my heart’s desire that one day Lemongrass Spa will be used by all.

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