Get to know our COnsultants

Our community is comprised of savvy, accomplished women and men. Some joined with a quest to provide their friends and families with safe, gentle products. Others with an interest in earning extra income while working a flexible schedule as their own boss. Whatever the reason, we come together with a common goal in mind: to spread the word on natural and healthy living.

Meet LaVera

As a new bride, moving cross country, I wanted a fun way to connect with ladies in my new community. Little did I dream of the abundant blessings God had in store for me in the form of amazing new relationships and income that make sharing with others both possible and rewarding. When I was pregnant with our daughter, choosing clean skincare became a huge deal for me! I have fallen in love with the products we offer, not only as we completely switched over, but also as I hear testimonies from my clients on how a simple jar of Healing Elements Balm or Body Polish has changed their skin completely. Serving their needs fills my cup!

Meet Samantha

Lemongrass Spa has carried me from single-motherhood, to getting me on my feet with a beautiful family, home of my own and a work- at-home career. I’m a mama to my beautiful blended military family, but that is not where my journey with Lemongrass Spa started. Three years ago I joined because I needed an income, wanted a career and as a single parent at the time I wanted to be around my baby 24/7. I genuinely love our products and how they are safe and affordable alternatives to the products my friends, family and customers need and use every day! My motivation, like many other people around the world, is my family and I feel extremely lucky to have a career that allows me flexibility. With our boys having different sensitivities to food dyes or skin irritants or conditions, like ADHD and High Functioning Autism, we’ve had to switch out so many products with safer options that Lemongrass Spa offers.

'With Lemongrass, I am Free'

Meet Ruth Anne

Giving gifts is my love language and it’s a habit I don’t intend to kick! Having this business allows me to treat others to safe products that smell great and work effectively. I’m no longer spending time researching ingredients and reading labels; Lemongrass Spa has done all of that for us. Not only does my family deserve the best for their skin (the largest organ of the body) but so does the rest of the country.

Meet Karissa

Within months of getting married I joined Lemongrass Spa as a fun hobby and just three years later it’s become my full time career! I love sharing these products that are kept intentionally affordable with new-found friends all over the United States, who are looking for natural skincare solutions. Not only am I grateful to God for leading me to Lemongrass Spa as a business, but it’s where I’ve met some of my closest friends. Something I appreciate most is the flexibility to work literally anywhere I choose and how it has been a financial blessing in helping my husband and I purchase our first home!

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