Get to know our COnsultants

Our community is comprised of savvy, accomplished women and men. Some joined with a quest to provide their friends and families with safe, gentle products. Others with an interest in earning extra income while working a flexible schedule as their own boss. Whatever the reason, we come together with a common goal in mind: to spread the word on natural and healthy living.

Meet LaVera

As a new bride, moving cross country, I wanted a fun way to connect with ladies in my new community. Little did I dream of the abundant blessings God had in store for me in the form of amazing new relationships and income that make sharing with others both possible and rewarding. When I was pregnant with our daughter, choosing clean skincare became a huge deal for me! I have fallen in love with the products we offer, not only as we completely switched over, but also as I hear testimonies from my clients on how a simple jar of Healing Elements Balm or Body Polish has changed their skin completely. Serving their needs fills my cup!

Meet Jessica

I became label conscious in 2016 when our son, Case, was born. As an educator, I was looking for an opportunity to help me reach my income potential while helping others. Lemongrass Spa generously gave me both! As a wife and mother of two, I'm also a volleyball coach for the youth in my area. This business gives me the flexibility to do what I enjoy most, spending quality time with family while serving families in my community.

Meet Ruth Anne

Giving gifts is my love language and it’s a habit I don’t intend to kick! Having this business allows me to treat others to safe products that smell great and work effectively. I’m no longer spending time researching ingredients and reading labels; Lemongrass Spa has done all of that for us. Not only does my family deserve the best for their skin (the largest organ of the body) but so does the rest of the country.

Meet Suzanne

Being a full-time high school teacher and coach, I love the flexibility of having a business that revolves around my life and not the other way around. Since all the training and tools necessary to develop a business are provided by the company, I'm given the freedom to make it my own, which is an entrepreneur’s dream. I experienced an immediate, noticeable difference in my skin and took comfort knowing these products were healthy and safe. I've been able to help amazing people with their skincare and enhance their natural beauty while being an advocate for self-care. And I’ve gained something that I didn’t even know I was missing in my life—the feeling of belonging to a huge support system of consultants who truly became my friends. Having this part-time side gig has given me and my family so many opportunities and made our life richer and fuller. Lemongrass Spa is a blessing I am eternally grateful for.

Meet Chalisse

In 2008 I walked away from a career in corporate banking to help care for my mom and brother who were involved in a catastrophic accident. Several years later I was introduced to Lemongrass Spa, fell in love with their products and began to research the business opportunity. I realized it would be the perfect way to add income that I needed. Direct sales has allowed me to help it’s not about closing a sale, it's the beginning of a relationship. I receive so much joy when a customer sends me a message saying, 'thank you for listening'! The Healing Elements is my all-time favorite product and something I appreciate using on my son's skin.

Meet Lindsey

When I was pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago, I was on the search for better products. One of my friends introduced me to Lemongrass Spa and I quickly fell in love! With a small push from my husband, I joined without understanding the magnitude of my decision. It’s given my family extra income, lifelong friends, and given me a purpose after becoming a stay-at-home mom. I get to choose my schedule, invest in my kids, and can take this job with me anywhere! Being a military wife, moving is a way of life so keeping a career, no matter where we live is the best. Most importantly, God’s hand has been in this in every way: it’s allowed me to grow as a person, give back to others, and love people.

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