A_Herlan-Oct_2013.jpg "Married, Busy Mom of 3 (Skyler – 16, Analiah – 2, Luke – 1) and work full time as a Computer Programmer.  I am always looking for ways to make extra money so that I can put aside for my kids college fund, weddings and family vacations!
I started with Lemongrass Spa in January of 2013 with my very own Launch Party with some of my closest friends.  I had never been to a party nor had I heard of Lemongrass Spa before.  My husband actually saw a post on Facebook from one of his High School friends, Kelli Bono, about her success with Lemongrass and told her to contact me.  So a BIG thanks goes out to my Husband who introduced me to Kelli and washes my foot tubs after every party.  And Kelli – you are my friendly competition girl – Love you!!
I cannot believe that I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary and how much it has changed my life, my families lives, my friends lives and everyone woman and their families that I come in contact with.  I have opened their eyes to a completely different way of looking at their skin care.  I LOVE pampering women and their girlfriends and seeing how much fun they have to sit back and relax a bit and educate them on how there are healthier options for them to take advantage of.  I LOVE all of the girls in our Dream Team and Lemongrass Spa Family Room Facebook Groups – they are all my daily cheerleaders, motivators, role models and are always so inspirational! I LOVE the girls on my TEAM!  I LOVE the way it has changed my life – both physically and mentally!
Tips that I feel have made me successful so far:
Hosting Spa Parties – the more you do, the more comfortable you are.
Passion – I tell everyone my love and success stories at my parties.  Get testimonials from your customers and talk about it at your parties!
Keep a full calendar – I over book knowing that a couple might cancel. And if they do cancel……great!! It will give me a day to schedule a one on one with somebody!
Once a month (I do mine the last day of the month) do a monthly reorder check on everyone.  Tell your customers that you are placing monthly reorders.  Are they running low on anything?  What product would they love to switch out to a Lemongrass Spa Product this month?  Use your back office and create a party.  I call mine – ex.  October Monthly Reorders.  When you send out your e-mail to your customers attach the weblink that is associated with your monthly reorder so that the customers can click right on it and place their order.  CALL you customers!!
I wish you all lots of love and success!  And a Coach purse, an iPad, and a vacation!"
Amanda Herlan, Director
Lemongrass Spa