Deeply connected to our emotions, scents have the ability to transport us to different times in our personal history and affect our mood. Scientist believe this connection is partly due to the part of the brain responsible for processing scents, located next to the hippocampus, which is crucially responsible for handling and storing memories. Aromatherapy plays off of this relationship to enhance or change a mood.

Inhalation vs. Application

Aromatherapy benefits of essential oils are achieved with two therapies: inhalation and application. Inhalation therapy is used for emotional and spiritual balance. For inhalation therapy, add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser or combine with water in a spray bottle to mist throughout a room. Application therapy is for purification of the body. Add essential oil to organic fractioned coconut oil or try in your favorite unscented Lemongrass Spa product. Massage into skin, inhale and feel muscle tension release while your mind is eased. See Precautions below for application therapy dilution recommendations.

Organic Essential Oils

Blends (combination of organic and wild crafted essential oils)

Custom Blends

Explore your creativity by creating custom essential oil blends for stress relief, inspiring a mood or because you just like the way it smells. An entire blog could be dedicated to blending essential oils, but today I will recommend a few simple combinations to get your started. Begin with equal parts each essential oil (2-4 drops per ounce of carrier oil) and adjust to your liking.


Essential oils enhance your home spa experience by releasing mind and body from daily stressors or transporting you through the aisles of your memory. I would love to hear how you use essential oils as well as your favorite essential oil blends.

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