Soul-Soothing Stories of Cancer Survivors is a compelling book inspired by hundreds of people we’ve met over the years who have shared their inspirational stories of faith, bravery and love. The stories lovingly shared in this book are intended to be a source of light and hope for you or someone else you care about.

For years, I received personal testimonials from customers who used our natural skincare products. They raved about how much better their skin looked and felt after applying our crèmes, balms and body butters. Word spread quickly as consultants shared these powerful testimonials at their spa parties and on social media. One day I received an email from a clever sales consultant with the suggestion that we package three items together to be able to give to cancer patients. So, in 2013 we began offering our Cancer Care Set, which was eventually renamed the Loving Care Gift Set. Organic Skin & Nail Balm in a Tube, Healing Elements and Ultra Hydrating Body Crème became the magical trio in the pink or gray organza bag. Hundreds of them were ordered that year and story after story flooded our inboxes.

In 2014, in honor of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided that our corporate office would expand this program by sending Loving Care Gift Sets, free of charge, to anyone diagnosed with any type of cancer. The only prerequisite was that the recipient be nominated for the gift set by a loved one. Eloquently written nomination letters poured in and patients with tear-filled eyes gratefully accepted the gift that had arrived on their doorstep. Each package included a card to let them know that someone special had requested it on their behalf.

We continued the initiative each year and the numbers multiplied; hundreds of our customers took the time to nominate that special someone. Whether it was for a mother with breast cancer, a daughter with melanoma, a father with prostate cancer, a son with lymphoma or husband diagnosed with a brain tumor, these complimentary gifts helped thousands of deserving people. Our Facebook feed was filled with these heartfelt stories of gratitude and our home office team rejoiced in the success of the program. “We are truly a company with a heart” our sales leaders remarked.

The stories contained in this book are from customers and consultants who have walked a cancer journey. “Because of Lemongrass Spa, I am able to share my story and help educate others every single day,” said Heather P. Miller, a Senior Director with the company. Heather is breast cancer survivor, a military wife and mom of a teenage son.

“I love Lemongrass Spa Products,” Katie Bell told us. “I especially love their Healing Elements Balm, which I’ve used on all my new ‘battle wounds’ (scars), Ultra Hydrating Body Crème, body washes and sugar scrubs (body polishes). My good friend and sorority sister, Rachel, turned me onto these products before I was diagnosed. As I underwent treatments, she has continuously sent me products to try.” Katie’s story of being diagnosed at the age of 40 is featured in the book.

When you’ve walked the journey alongside someone with cancer there’s a sense of helplessness. It’s often difficult to find the right words of encouragement when you see how much pain and discouragement they endure. Having something to give a loved one that spoke for itself seemed to appeal to all of us.

When the news came that my 43-year-old sister-in-law had breast cancer the entire family was in shock. She was an athletic mom of three, health conscious, well educated and careful about what she purchased for herself and her family. There were many times when words didn’t come easy, but sending a Loving Care Gift Set or a bottle of bath crystals was something she treasured. The Herbal Foot Kit was one of Tracy’s favorite ways to relax with her girlfriends and feel comforted by her family as she went through extensive chemotherapy and radiation.

When my friend Heather found out her husband Jeff had a very rare brain tumor, she made sure she had Healing Elements and Whipped Body Butter for him after his laser surgery. As a fire fighter, he had used these ointments on scars he’d received when hot embers touched his exposed skin during harrowing wildfires in Colorado.

As a breast cancer survivor, my grandmother Stella was an inspiration to me as a young child. I saw how she had bravely endured a radical mastectomy in her forties and because of that had one arm that was much larger than her ‘normal’ one. She took everything in stride with a smile on her face and a giggle that was contagious. It was because of her that I was passionate about creating products that were safe, healthy and oh, so amazing for skin.

The stories lovingly shared in this book are intended to be a source of light and hope for you or someone you care about. It fills our hearts when we can passionately bring resilience, joy, renewed faith and comfort to those around us.

Soul-Soothing Stories of Cancer Survivors is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be sold at Barnes & Noble stores mid-November.