Let’s be real here - mom does it all. She manages the house, soothes skinned knees and cuddles away the nightmares. Ask any mom when she last took time for herself, and she’ll probably say "Time for me? What’s that?" 

Most moms can’t get away for a spa weekend, but you should carve out, at least, some time from your busy life that’s just for you and your friends too!  At a Lemongrass Spa Party, whether you’re a mom, wife, grandma or a ‘mom-to-be’ we know that most women love the gift of pampering. Our Mother’s Day themes and bundles are designed with all sorts of goodies that moms especially love healthy and natural!

Here are a few entertaining party ideas to pamper those special women in your life.

Smoothies and Smooth Skin

Feed your skin inside and out by sipping antioxidant packed smoothies for smooth summer skin.

Mommy & Me Event


Provides the opportunity to spend time with your mother or daughter! Enjoy side-by-side pampering with a luxurious Foot Spa, using one of our fabulous foot kits. After all, what girl (no matter the age) doesn't love to feel even a tad more special when they spend time with their mom! 

It’s a Date ~ with MOM!

A mother daughter spa hour is the perfect way to spend one on one time with your daughter; facials, basic make-up class or our fabulous scrubs for feet or hands, you CHOOSE the treat and we’ll have the products waiting!  Something for everyone’s budget!!!

An Hour at the Facial Bar

Short on time? Cover the basics!  We'll help you and mom establish a good skincare routine by starting with a clean face, then treat you both to nontoxic, natural makeup!  

Mother’s Day Super Spa Party for You & Your Girlfriends


Invite pals over for an evening of pampering and fun!  Wisk your friends off to the beach by indulging in the tropical Coconut Cream collection.

Flip Flops Party

Mom and daughter will be ready to show off summer-ready feet in cute, colorful flip-flops after a fantastic foot soak and scrub.

Makeovers and Makeup for Mom and Daughter

Every mom deserves to get dolled-up and glamorous! Show mom the red-carpet treatment with a Glam it Up party. Reveal youthful, glowing skin with a mini facial and enhance her beautiful features using Sheer Minerals makeup.

While much has changed since the beginning of Mother’s Day, gift giving has remained consistent. Give yourself something special in your life: a natural glow on your favorite holiday and for the rest of the year!  Schedule a party to sample our assortment of fresh, clean & natural products and mark it on your calendar, just like any other appointment. Otherwise, there’s always something else that takes priority.