School’s out, sun is shining and adventure awaits! Packing can be stressful, and suitcase space is a precious commodity. We’ve made packing easy with a collection of travel sized TSA-friendly containers. Headed out on the open road or catching a ride on a plane, toss these items in your bag before being whisked away for that warm-weather holiday.

Carry-On Tip: place all liquids (in 3.4 oz. containers or smaller) in a clear plastic quart-sized bag, packed at the top of your bag, for easy access.

Lotion & Spritz Pair

Skin will stay refreshed and hydrated! Purchase a Pick-A-Purse with four scents you can’t leave-home-without and add a complementing Hydrating Body Spritz from the Body Spritz 5 Pack.

Sunscreen Sport Stick & Bug-A-Boo Insect Repellent

Keep damaging UV rays and pesky pests at bay so you can enjoy your outdoor escapades. Try the Healthy Skin Travel Pack for all your vacation skincare needs, conveniently packaged in a clear travel pouch. Set includes a Healing Elements Stick, Sunscreen Sport Stick Tinted Vanilla, Bug-A-Boo Insect Repellent Stick, 2 oz. Mandarin Orange Hand & Body Lotion and Spearmint Lip Balm.

Travel Face Care Kits

Going on vacation doesn’t mean skipping your skincare routine. Take your cleanser, moisturizer, mask and polish wherever you go. Travel-sized products are conveniently packed in a clear travel pouch with a Travel Face Care Kit, available in Charcoal, Normal, Oily/Blemished and Dry/Sensitive.

Shampoo & Conditioner Pair and Hairspray

Clean and freshen hair after a day of riding roller coasters or playing at the beach with Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner in 2 oz. Travel Size, and style hair for a night out using Hair Spray with Flax Seed. If you’re headed to a humid climate use a few spritzes of Hair Spray to minimize frizz.

Tea Tree Aromatherapy Mist 2 oz.

Freshen linens and purify stale hotel with Purifying Tea Tree Aromatherapy Mist. In a pinch and not near running water, spray this non-sticky blend of tea tree, witch hazel, sweet orange and ylang ylang on palms to quickly eliminate dirt and grime.

Trial Size Herbal Foot Kit in Black Logo Bag

Don’t leave home without this treat for your feet. You’re on vacation, and what better way to relax after a long day of walking or hiking that with a comforting foot spa. The cute little organza bag doubles as a travel pouch for jewelry or cell phone chargers.

What are your must-have travel Lemongrass Spa travel companions?