Men often have a different idea of skincare and take a different approach than women. They are still interested in how their skin looks or feels, but they typically don’t seem to be interested in the pampering side of a luxurious skincare routine. Encouraging the men in your life to keep up a skincare routine can be a little challenging. Here are a couple tips and tricks along with some excellent gift ideas to get them started.

Tip #1 - Keep it Simple

Don’t overwhelm him with a 5-step skincare routine. He will see taking care of his skin as a chore or just confusing, therefore, neglecting to do it all together. A simple bar of soap such as the Detoxifying Charcoal Face Bar Soap or Men’s Private Reserve Bar Soap, followed by a moisturizer like Men’s Essentials Aftershave Lotion or Men’s Private Reserve Hand & Body Lotion is an excellent skincare routine for most days.

Tip #2 - Multi-Purpose Products

Multi-use products are appealing to most men because it’s a one and done deal with their routine, so products that are designed to use for skin all over the body are perfect. Our Prebiotic 3-in-1 Wash in Men’s Essentials and Unscented can be used head to toe (hair, face and body). Men can also use Men’s Essentials Beard Oil as a multi-purpose product by adding a couple of drops into their Men’s Essentials After-Shave Lotion to help alleviate extra dry and tight skin.

Tip #3 - Products for All Skin Types

Men are not necessarily concerned with what skin type they have. They are normally focused on wanting it to look clean and feel good. We formulated both the Men’s Essentials and Men’s Private Reserve lines to complement all skin types. This takes the guessing game away and assures that any man can benefit from using either one of the lines.

Tip #4 - Facial Hair (The Beard)

Since the growing popularity of men’s facial hair, products that cater to maintain it have been developed. Men’s Essential’s Beard Oil helps keep the skin under facial hair in good condition while also moisturizing, keeping it soft and manageable.

For those clean shaven men, using Men’s Essentials After Shave Lotion or Men’s Private Reserve After-Shave Splash will help replenish and hydrate the skin. This will also aid in preventing any redness or irritation from occuring after shaving.

Start any man off with a healthy skincare routine. Wishing all the dads out there a healthy Happy Father’s Day!

Do you have a skincare tip for men you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!