Have you seen what is lurking around in the Halloween costume aisle? Beware! The makeup can be FRIGHTENING!! So many are under the impression that simply because a novelty Halloween makeup has made it to the kids costume aisle, it is safe. This is not the case. Many of the commercial face-painting products on the market today contain petroleum-based ingredients (derivatives of what you put in your CAR!) EEEEEK! The bright and heavily pigmented colors contain artificial dyes, lakes and fragrances. Some are labeled “safe”, “non-toxic” or “hypo-allergenic”, yet are loaded with skin allergens such as cobalt, chromium and nickel and even LEAD! It can be very misleading to simply read the front of the package, because when you read the ingredients…BOO!!! HalloweenMakeup.JPG

Fortunately, with Lemongrass Spa, there is a safe alternative. Almost any ghoul or princess is achievable with the versatile Sheer Minerals Makeup! Any of the Sheer Minerals powders can be mixed with water or Healing Elements Balm to glide on effortlessly. Our Black and Brown Natural Eyeliners can be used for outlines, cat eyes, black noses and freckles. The Organic Crème Lipstick in Siren is a perfect blood-red! Add a little sparkle to your favorite mermaid with Azul or Gold Rush Eye Shadow Gold Rush Eye Shadow. The possibilities are as big as your imagination!

In the pictures and instructions below, Mandy and Megan, stars from our very popular, recently released makeup demo video series, demonstrate the versatility and ease of application of Sheer Minerals as Halloween makeup and their results are ADORABLE!

Cute Little Bunny



  1. Even out skin tone using the Neutral Concealing Stick, include eyelids and under eyes.
  2. Lightly dust face Light Cover Up all over face.
  3. Create all of the fun details including whiskers nose using Black Eye Liner Pencil.
  4. Add a splash of color to eyelids with Sand Pearl Eye Shadow.
  5. Use Marsala Blush on cheeks to give that rosy bunny glow.
  6. Layer on mascara in Matte Black for full, thick lashes.
  7. Finish with Princess Pearl Organic Crème Lipstick, which happens to be our model Violet’s favorite one.

Fairytale Butterfly


  1. Apply Medium BB Crème all over the face.
  2. Conceal around eyes and on top of lids using Neutral Concealing Stick.
  3. Set face with the Cream Light Foundation.
  4. Use White Diamond, Seaside and Plum Eye Shadows to create butterfly design. A little trick to get a super high pigmentation would be to mix the Mineral Setting Spray with any of the pigments. This grabs the color and makes it much more vibrant.
  5. Created a fun little design with the Black Eye Liner Pencil.
  6. Apply Sassy Pink Eye Shadow as a blush color.
  7. You’ll want to really layer the mascara as much as you can to give that big eye effect. And for lips I used Sugar Plum Organic Lip Gloss; rhinestones are optional.

Black, Sassy Cat



  1. Apply Medium BB Crème all over face.
  2. Use the Neutral Concealing Stick to conceal around and under eyes and around nose.
  3. Contour cheeks, jaw line, around nose and forehead with the Brown Eye Liner Pencil. Go back over contour and blend with the Foundation Brush.
  4. Set face with Matte Veil.
  5. Create fun details, like the pretty cat eye, with the Black Eye Liner Pencil.
  6. Don't forget to layer the Organic Mascara in Matte Black to give lashes a lot of volume.
  7. Define brows with Brown Brow Pomade and finish with beautiful, bright Siren Organic Crème Lipstick.

Paw Patrol


Tanner (on right) pawpatrol2.jpg

  1. Using Dark Brow Pomade, outline arches from the tip of the nose, over the eyebrows and down to the cheek.
  2. Square the outline off at the cheeks to create a “sideburn”.
  3. Using a soft brush (Eye Shadow or Concealing) fill in the bridge of the nose and areas above the outline with Brow Pomade.
  4. Create a black nose with the Black Eye Liner Pencil.
  5. The Dark Brow Pomade or Eye Liner Pencil can be used to create a cluster of freckles near the nose.

Trendy Scarecrow


  1. Apply Neutral Concealing Stick all over the face for foundation and to conceal around and under eyes.
  2. Set face with Light Cover Up.
  3. Use White Diamond Eye Shadow, really packing the color on the lids and in the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Apply Siren Organic Crème Lipstick on lips, nose and cheeks.
  5. Outline with Black Eye Liner Pencil.
  6. Layer on Matte Black Organic Mascara on lashes to build volume.
  7. Finish the look with Medium Brow Pomade.


Show us some of your best Sheer Minerals Halloween creations using the hashtag #sheermineralshalloween.

All looks created except Paw Patrol by Mandy Rhodes Rupp. Connect with Mandy on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about Mandy at www.prettysimplebeauti.com. Paw Patrol created by Megan Russo.

Models: Megan (Black, Sassy Cat), Violet (Fairytale Butterfly), Preslie (Trendy Scarecrow) and Tanner and Grey (Paw Patrol).

Contributors: Bethany Morgante, Marketing Project Manager at Lemongrass Spa Products; Megan Russo, Sr. Director, Lemongrass Spa Products.