Our home environment is full of toxins from commercial cleaners, air fresheners containing artificial fragrances and personal care products. Using essential oils safely in the home can lessen the toxic load, and at the same time, provide therapeutic benefit.

There are many ways essential oils can be used in the home. Before you begin using them, please be sure you know the safety of the essential oil(s) you wish to use before making your choice. Choose essential oils safe for children, if children are present, and consider the health issues and medication(s) your guests may be on before diffusing. When diffusing, run the diffuser in shorter increments 10-15 minutes on/off at a time for maximum benefits.


Placing a bowl of dried flowers or unscented potpourri in a bowl near the entry and sprinkling a few drops of essential oils on top can provide a welcome aroma when one walks through the door. Sweet Orange Essential Oil is fresh and inviting, but the possibilities are endless.

Living area

Placing a diffuser in a living area can be a great way to replace air fresheners in your home. During cold and flu season, diffusing Tea Tree Essential Oil can help kill airborne germs due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Adding Lemon to the Tea Tree will give added benefits.





As you can see, there are a myriad of uses for essential oils in the home. What’s your favorite blend and why?