Whether you are hosting or invited to a neighborhood holiday gathering, a family event or a glamorous corporate soiree, in the same way you plan what you will wear, equally consider your makeup.

Guests will initially admire your dress, shoe choice, or ugly sweater, but holiday parties are a time for engaging with friends, family or people you may only see in an office atmosphere….face to face! Occasionally you will run into others who chose the same outfit as you, however, your face will always be a designer original!

To best determine what to wear on your face, lets start with the type of event you’re going to followed by a few fun options.

Casual event, family gathering or daytime party

Glow for it! If your preference is Au Naturel, you can dress it up slightly with a little bronzer applied to the prominent features of your face to catch the light, a touch of Organic Mascara and just a kiss of Peach Dream Organic Lip Gloss makes your natural beauty shine!


A block party or ugly sweater party will likely be a more casual gathering, in which case you could easily pull off a very neutral low key eye with sand pearl eye shadow, a bold brow, a bit of mascara and a Siren red (as seen below) or a bold Cocoa Berry lip (This look would also translate well into an elegant evening out).


If your ugly sweater is bold and busy enough on its own, try a neutral earthy pallet with a soft Matte Mocha lid, a little Suede Eye Shadow in the crease and lining the bottom lashes for depth, and glossy lips in Beach Babe as seen below to offset the bright and loud patterns and colors.


Formal event or evening elegance

For an elegant gathering, be daring! Go for the gold! Rose-gold is on all of the runways this year in clothing, jewelry, makeup and even hair color. Blend a little Sassy Pink Eye Shadow and Gold Rush Eye Shadow to make the perfect eye-luminating rose-gold eye shadow. Glam it up with a cat eye or simply put a couple of coats of our Matte Black Organic Mascara on to open the eye. Highlight your face with Honey Glow Bronzer and top your look off with perfect pout for a look similar to the one below.


Feeling colorful and festive? A gorgeous holiday trend this year is a bold thick liner with a pop of color. Use any of our Sheer Minerals brighter eye shadow colors such as Azul, Emerald Green, Plum or even Amaretto. Get a bolder and more precise line with less fallout by wetting your eyeliner brush first. A neutral lip color such as Merlot Organic Lipstick or a bit of Stardust Organic Lip Gloss will keep the focus on your eyes.


And finally the two most popular looks of the year (and it doesn’t look like they are going away anytime soon)

The Cat Eye. It is never too early to begin practicing your hand at the perfect cat-eye for that holiday party. I have found that I have more control with a damp eyeliner brush and a mineral eye shadow or even a dab of Matte Black Organic Mascara on the end of your brush for a “gel liner” feel. A mid-toned lipstick such as Moonlit Mauve or Princess Pearl or our organic lip gloss in Plum Spice or Sugar Plum would be the perfect accompaniment.


A smoky eye, simply put, is a combination of three tones of the same color, typically. The darkest color goes in the crease of your eye and is lined at the lower lash line (smudge for more “smoke” and drama) The medium color is applied on your lid to the crease and the lightest color goes on your brow bone. The effect is a deep-set, sultry look. The deeper colors will be more dramatic. Our Smoky Eye, Blue Quartz and White Diamond Eye Shadows are a classic combination and can be purchased as a set. You could mix our White Diamond with ANY of the Sheer Minerals colors to get your 3 tones and make a custom smoky eye. An Emerald Green smoky eye would be stunning with a matching green blouse or dress! Sunset or Honey Glow Bronzer and Bare Champagne Organic Lipstick pair beautifully and highlight the dramatic smoky eye.


Whatever your event or personal tastes call for, have fun with it! Enjoy your friends, family and co-workers and above all have a BEAUTIFUL and blessed holiday season!