Direct sales offers a unique entrepreneurship opportunity for women and men from a variety of social and economic backgrounds. They join for a myriad of reasons such as flexible schedules, extra income and “me time”. While success is different for everyone, there are a few tips that can be followed to create a lucrative home business. Jennifer Pizza, a Lemongrass Spa Consultant from Maryland, gives real-life examples of how to use these tips for your business.

Jennifer enjoyed attending home parties but “never considered being the one ‘running the show’.” After attending her sister’s Lemongrass Spa party and learning about clean products, she decided it was time to make a change for her family. With no prior experience in direct selling, Jennifer’s initial goal was for her family to live healthier and free from potentially harmful chemicals; she never fathomed where this change would lead her. In about four months Jennifer promoted to Director and earned a $1000 bonus. Within six months she earned the “High Jump” [highest honor in Lemongrass Spa’s previous Jump Start program], which included product bonuses, a necklace and massage at a local spa. At nine months Jennifer earned an all-expenses paid vacation for herself and her husband. Then at the end of her first year she ranked number nine in sales in the entire company.  Jennifer said "my first year with Lemongrass Spa was AMAZING!” 

Tip 1: Set goals.

Jennifer’s overall goal was to provide healthier products for her family, primarily because one of her daughters has allergies and skin sensitivities. Her personal business goal was to earn the Spa Destination trip for herself and her husband. “Having three kids doesn't leave much time for a getaway, or money to afford it. The experience was everything we thought it would be and more! We were able to relax and re-connect,” Jennifer stated. Each month she sets small goals for her business that will lead her to her big-picture goals, such as earning the 2016 Spa Destination trip to Mexico.

Tip 2: Create a work schedule.

As the mother of three young children, Jennifer schedules much of her work during her kids’ time at school, but doesn’t limit herself by keeping her schedule flexible. “On average, three hours each weekday is set aside to check on customer orders, make phone calls, send emails, and keep in touch with my upcoming hostesses,” Jennifer explains.

Tip 3: Take every opportunity to share products.

An important component of direct selling is using every opportunity to broaden your customer base and introduce your business and products to them. "Having three very active on-the-go kids can keep me pretty busy, but they are also the reason I am able to reach out to others! I love to share our products with the kids’ teachers, football moms, dance moms, and their friends’ families!” said Jennifer. JPizza.jpg

Tip 4: Don’t let obstacles and difficult situations set you back.

Time is one of the biggest obstacles direct sellers face, especially work at home moms and dads. Schedule work time around your family’s schedule. Cancellations are another situation consultant’s experience, but having a backup plan ahead of time can be valuable. When a party or event cancels, Jennifer creates a fun Mystery Host party, a quick Open House, or even a "Mommy and Me" event for her stay at home friends. These mini events don’t require as much set up as a spa party and can be put together quickly.

These four simple tips can help lead your business to success. The two best pieces of advice Jennifer has received that she wants to share is “do what you love, love what you do! And “take good care of your customers.” She recommends familiarizing yourself with the products and “educate yourself about the ingredients on labels! Help people understand the importance of using natural and organic skin care.”

Finally, we want to know which Lemongrass Spa products Jennifer never leaves home without. “I never leave home without my lip balms or gloss, a lotion and the Sheer Mineral Veil!”

Do you have tips to share to be successful in direct sales? Let us know in the comments.

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