It’s the time of year for celebration, gratitude and worship. Traveling, partying and shopping are the top three activities during the holiday season, and each of these affairs alone trigger some level of stress. Ease some of the seasonal pressure by following these four tips.

Plan & Prioritize

In all my attempts to plan ahead for our annual Thanksgiving gathering, there’s always a detail I missed. Has this happened to you too? Whether you’re hosting a formal affair or casual get-together, preparing ahead of time will reduce last minute stressors such as multiple trips to the store and frantic cleaning. Prioritize your tasks: must-be-done and would-love-to-do. Don’t pressure yourself to present a Martha Stewart-worthy soirée if this isn’t one of your strengths (it’s not mine); instead put the focus on where you excel so you can mingle and enjoy time with your guests.

A few tasks to consider completing a week or two leading up to your event:

Quick, Healthy Recipes


There are some foods you can’t cook fast (looking at you Thanksgiving turkey!) but most sides and desserts don’t need to be elaborate, nor do you need a buffet of choices. Don’t have a favorite family recipe or looking for fresh ideas? Here are three recipe collections including main dishes, sides and desserts to try.

If you’re offering alcoholic beverages, wine and beer are no-hassle choices, but if you’d like to offer a different option, try a mulled wine or seasonally inspired mix drink. Apple cider, sparkling water and cocoa are traditional choices for everyone in the family.

Self Care

Bath Crystals .jpg

Taking time for yourself is always important but even more so during the hectic last few weeks of the year. Tuck the kids in, turn off your cell phone and allow yourself a few minutes to relax and recharge.

Gift Giving


Gift giving should be an enjoyable experience for both the giver and receiver, but the reality for the giver has become demands for the newest gadgets, long lines and crabby shoppers. Lemongrass Spa removes these obstacles by offering a fresh, clean & natural gift for everyone on your shopping list. Your gifts are lovingly handcrafted, expertly labeled and carefully shipped by our dedicated team right here in the United States.

You can choose to shop online from the comfort of your own home, wrapped in comfy jammies, sipping a mug of cocoa. For a more personalized shopping experience, your Lemongrass Spa consultants can guide you to the perfect gift for everyone. Host a spa party to earn your holiday wish list!

Inspiration is a click away! Click here for the Holiday Gift Guide.